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Me & Ed’s Family Restaurant Announces its Closing its Doors Forever


New Bedford is losing one its most popular restaurants. On Facebook earlier today, the restaurant made the following announcement:

“Our journey started over two decades ago continuing and building upon the successes of the late original founders Carl & Edmond Pimental. Our families and staff have tirelessly committed ourselves to our mantra of quality food, recipes and customer service at a value that afforded us to see so many faces close and afar so frequently. Situated in the residential district of the south end, make no mistake it is home to some of the best faire around locally even with a distance to travel. Consistency has always been paramount to our vision maintaining excellence is no easy feat. We owe a great deal of gratitude to all current and former employees who also shared in equity it takes to take a vision, a recipe, a successful service and make it a reality time and time again. For those that critique and find fault in the efforts of the like, take a moment and realize no matter what the setting someone is giving up something to fulfill not just the responsibilities of the job, but as well the thankless adversity of what any given day may bring.

“These folks are expected to bounce back daily and give it hell so that way each of your visits never faltered from our mantra. Mother’s Day for instance the restaurant business busiest day of the year, one of my colleagues recently reminded me of how tactfully coordinated, timely and committed we have always been to our every patron no matter the day, time, dining in or taking food to-go our team has given it there all. Some of these same faces still today still continue to earnestly do just that. Our vision has never faltered but our families have weathered our time fulfilled. As our journey aged so did we along with the daily adversity each and every business faces with the inception of COVID-19. Likewise, with effectively and efficiently managing our same mantra two decades later with labor shortages, increasing business costs, taxes, commodities the list is truly endless. As in life in any facet you face realities, the reality today we are blessed in having been able to serve you all for the past two decades it is time for our families to enjoy life outside these founding doors.”

“Your sense of loss and memories not only resonates with oneself but within us all. We will miss the faces that have made our brand what it is today, that is you all collectively, but be certain continue to support small business and rather than critique one take a moment whether you care to understand ones’ flight or not, everything has adversity and rather give these folks still giving it hell daily give them gratitude for all they do. We truly appreciate each and every one of you, your patronage, your frequency, your smiles, your laughs and even your constructive criticism has collectively made us our best of the best.”

“We will be closing all operations after dinner service on Saturday May 29th in its entirety. We ask that you please respect our families and our team during these last two weeks as even in the wake of such notice they continue to stay obligated in serving you all for our last run. We wish you all the best life has to offer, we are glad to have been apart of yours for so long. With humbling gratitude and respect WE THANK YOU!”

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