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Mayor Mitchell: New Bedford has first case of Coronavirus


From Mayor Jon Mitchell:

“New Bedford now has its first presumptive positive test for Coronavirus, and the individual is now self-quarantining and we hope for a speedy recovery. Although this was not unexpected and will be the first of more to come, it is a reminder that appropriate social distancing and personal hygiene should be strictly observed.

I also remind residents to follow guidance by the City, state, and federal governments. Avoid group gatherings, and remember that restaurants are takeout and delivery only. On Monday, March 23, personal care businesses such as hairdressers and barbers, massage services, and nail salons will also close in New Bedford, given the close person-to-person proximity in these services.

This guidance is for the health and well-being of all residents and workers in the City. I urge you to take this guidance seriously and protect your health and the health of your family, friends and neighbors. Check our COVID-19 page at www.newbedford-ma.gov for regular updates.”

Yesterday, Mitchell announced effective Monday that personal care businesses including salons must close.

New Bedford personal care businesses including salons must close Monday, March 23

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  1. The infected peoples name should be released to the public for our safety as well. We should know incase anyone has been in contact with them recently

  2. There is no local test site in the area, how do we know how many contagious people are still shopping and spreading this virus. Please don’t wait till it’s to late to act. We can kill this in weeks with a lockdown. Or we can go months with loss of life’s.

  3. Many families here in New Bedford and Fall River have loved ones that must go to methadone clinics. They are required do group classes while this pandemic is going on as well as waiting in long lines to get their doses of medication . Some are allowed take home medicine while others are not. Are sone lives less valuable as others and risking getting their families sick?…Everything is shutting down…give these people take home meds and stop the spreading of this virus!!

  4. carolyn larrivee

    the people who already have take home doses get that as they have worked the program and stayed clean and earned that trust. however, at this point perhaps they should make another way to handle the situation as any type of line for services or even grocery shopping as i heard at walmart should figure a better plan to stop putting people in danger. won’t catch me in a line unless its for a handful of money…

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