Massachusetts woman rescues baby raccoon after seeing him fall from tree while driving

“Jenny was driving when she noticed a baby raccoon fall from very high up in a tree. She pulled over and rescued the stunned baby. He was breathing, but not moving much at all. She brought him here for an assessment before we tried to reunite him with his mother.

When he arrived late last night, I picked him up out of the carrier he was in to have a look at him. He was cold, incredibly thin and very dehydrated. He clearly hadn’t seen his mother in a long time. As I held him in my gloved hands, he looked up at me with those helpless eyes and starting cooing.

Both Jenny and her cousin, Amanda, broke into tears. They said it was the first sound he had made since they rescued him. It was such a relief.

“This is what it’s all about.” said Amanda.

I looked at them both and smiled, then looked back at this tiny baby. His life was saved today because two kind and wonderful people would do whatever it took to get him the help he needed.

She was right. This truly is what it’s all about.”-Newhouse Wildlife Rescue.

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