Massachusetts State Police Unsolved Murder Playing Card: 28-year old mother of two Tiffany Lomax

“Next in the deck of Unresolved Homicide Playing Cards, we remember Tiffany Lomax, a victim of an unsolved homicide case from Boston. Tiffany was shot in the chest while sitting in a car next to an alleged gang associate in Mattapan in 2008.

She left behind a 9-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl who lived two blocks from where she was shot.

The victims of these unsolved cases leave behind family and friends who are still mourning. Shedding light on them has the potential to bring law enforcement one step closer to giving them closure and justice. If you have any information regarding leads or possible suspects in Lomax’s case, please call 1-855-627-6583 or email mspunresolved@pol.state.ma.us. Justice delayed does not need to be justice denied.” -State Police Association of Massachusetts.

State Police Association of Massachusetts photo.

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