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Massachusetts State Police photo.

Massachusetts State Police trooper rescues pit bull chained on beach and about to drown


“Last summer, Trooper Carlo Mastromattei, who is assigned to our Revere Barracks, rescued a pit bull who had been chained up and abandoned on Short Beach in the city’s Beachmont neighborhood after good people called to report that act of cruelty.

The dog was left tied up in a part of the beach that is submerged during high tide. After freeing the dog and getting him to a local kennel to be checked out and kept safe, Trooper Mastromattei and fellow Troopers from State Police-Revere and Revere Police Officers began an investigation into who abandoned the dog on that beach and left him to face an eventual incoming tide. Their hard work paid off a few days later when Trooper Mastromattei was able to charge the dog’s former owner with animal cruelty. The man told MSP he didn’t want to keep the dog anymore.

Massachusetts State Police photo.

After being victimized in that despicable crime, thanks to the people who cared about him, life began to get brighter for this beautiful animal. From the local kennel he went to Sweet Paws Rescue, and that’s where Bobby Shannon found him. They won each other’s hearts, and the dog had his forever home, and a new name — Horus, after the Egyptian god of the sky who was said to hold the sun in his right eye and the moon in his left.

“He had a rough start to his life but is doing amazing now,” Bobby said. “He is very smart, doing well with his training, and loves hikes.”

Just looking at Horus — and those bright eyes that hold not only the sun and moon, but also, at long last, the secure knowledge that a future of love and happiness awaits — and we can see that he has a great home and family now. Thank you, Bobby, for giving this very good boy a great life.

We found Horus on his worst day. Now all his best days are ahead.” -Massachusetts State Police.

Massachusetts State Police photo.

Massachusetts State Police photo.

Massachusetts State Police photo.

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