Massachusetts State Police attend Boston PD’s first-responder safety day for 200 special needs kids

“This Wednesday, members of the MSP Recruitment and Diversity Office were invited to participate in Boston PD’s first responder safety day for approximately 200 special needs children.

Boston Fire Department and their new comfort dog in training Gunny, Boston Parks Department Mounted Unit with mount Mystic, and Suffolk Sherriff Department were also in attendance. The event took place at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School in Roxbury.

Some special needs children may be nonverbal, can lack communication and safety skills which can make them more likely to need the assistance of a First Responder for any number of reasons. Through events like this we will help build relationships to create trust so they will understand we are all always here to help.

Creating a rapport with uniformed law enforcement in non-emergency situations is essential so that in a high stress, moment of need for them, they may recognize us as an ally.

Hopefully, this will help deescalate a situation through our presence alone.”-Massachusetts State Police.

All photos by the Massachusetts State Police:

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