Massachusetts shelters officially at capacity as migrants forced to “join a waitlist”

Massachusetts has officially reached its capacity at emergency shelters to house migrants in the state. As of Friday morning, the “Emergency Assistance Placement Data” government website shows Massachusetts currently has 7,517 families enrolled and 37 families have enrolled in the past 24 hours. Capacity in Massachusetts is 7,500 families.

Emergency Assistant Director Gen. Scott Rice recently announced that once the system hits the 7,500 capacity, “Families eligible for emergency assistance will be placed on a waitlist”.

Massachusetts Governor, Maura Healey stated, “We will continue to provide resources to families. Food, clothing, access to information about alternative shelter options. So, that will all continue”.

It appears that more taxpayer money will be thrown at this issue as the House Pours $250 Million More Into Massachusetts Shelter Crisis. Of greatest note is the House requirement that $50 million of the $250 million to go toward, “The identification, acquisition and operationalization of a state funded overflow emergency shelter site or sites” for families placed on a shelter waitlist.