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Massachusetts resident pleads guilty to hunter harassment


On Saturday, January 4, 2020, a group of sportsmen legally engaged in hunting were confronted by a local resident in Haverhill. Prior to the arrival of law enforcement, the resident continued to pursue the group in his personal vehicle. Upon their arrival, the hunters spoke with authorities and the resident was sent home. Once law enforcement departed the scene, the resident returned and continued to harass the group.

On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, the resident pleaded guilty to the charge of hunter harassment in Haverhill District Court.

Under Massachusetts law, no person shall obstruct, interfere with or otherwise prevent the lawful taking of fish or wildlife by another. Prohibited acts include, but are not limited to, blocking, following, impeding, or otherwise harassing another engaged in the lawful taking of fish or wildlife.

Punishment for harassing a hunter is a monetary fine up to $500 and/or 14 days in jail. A person who sustains damage from an act in violation of the law may seek civil action for punitive damages.

For more information, please visit: https://malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleXIX/Chapter131/Section5C

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