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Massachusetts State Police, New Bedford Police Department arrest man on Trafficking Charges; Fentanyl found next to mattress where children slept


The Massachusetts State Police Gang Unit and New Bedford Police Gang Unit, with the assistance of other units and agencies, yesterday arrested a New Bedford man on narcotics and ammunition charges and found a bag containing a substance believed to be fentanyl within two feet of a mattress where the man’s two young children were sleeping.

Because of the proximity of the children to the deadly narcotic, an MSP Gang Unit Trooper requested that the state’s child protection agency respond to the McGuirk Sreet apartment to assess the children’s welfare.

The arrest, and simultaneous execution of a search warrant at the residence, followed an investigation into fentanyl distribution by the suspect, OSCAR RAMOS-TORRES, 30. The gang units of the State Police and New Bedford Police were assisted by State Troopers from the Bristol County State Police Detective Unit and a deputy from the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department.

After they knocked and announced that they had a search warrant, members of the raid team received no reply and heard scurrying inside the apartment. Thus upon making a forced entry, the team found RAMOS-TORRES standing in a bedroom, with his girlfriend and their two young children lying on a mattress on the floor. A bag containing approximately 8.7 grams of suspected fentanyl was located within two feet of the mattress. A field test of the substance in the bag was positive for fentanyl, the synthetic opioid that is many times more powerful than heroin and can cause harm just by coming in contact with a person’s skin.

In a second bedroom, Troopers and Officers located a workbench where RAMOS-TORRES prepared fentanyl for sale. On the workbench was a plastic container holding approximately 77 grams of a white powder; the results of a field test on the powder were positive for the presence of fentanyl. Next to the container of suspected fentanyl were a digital scale, a box of plastic sandwich bags, and cut-off corners of the bags consistent with the manner in which are packaged for street-level sale. In a safe under the workbench, Troopers and Officers located several thousand dollars in US currency and 26 suboxone strips. In the basement of the residence, which was used by RAMOS-TORRES for storage, a Trooper found a clear plastic bag containing 10 rounds of ammunition.

The suspected fentanyl, suboxone strips, and ammunition were seized as evidence, as was $6,245 in US currency suspected of being proceeds from the illegal sale of narcotics.

Troopers transported RAMOS-TORRES to State Police-Dartmouth, where he was booked on charges of trafficking in fentanyl over 80 grams; possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute; and unlawful possession of ammunition. He was later transported from the barracks to New Bedford District Court for arraignment.

In addition to the new charges, RAMOS-TORRES is currently on probation out of New Bedford District Court, the result of a previous arrest for possessing fentanyl with intent to distribute.

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