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K9 "Thor." Massachusetts State Police photo.

Massachusetts State Police K9s: 73 missions in 1 week which include searches for suicidal persons


“From July 6-12, the Massachusetts State Police K9 Unit performed 73 missions, including nine drug sniffs, three gun searches, and one search for human remains. K9 Troopers and their partners assisted in searches for three suicidal persons, responded to six calls involving suspects with weapons (five with guns, and one with a knife), and tracked down two fleeing suspects.

One of them was a man who had assaulted three people at a homeless encampment and fled into a wooded and swampy area in Revere on the night of July 7. Trooper Christina Cavagnaro deployed her partner Thor, seen here, who tracked the suspect through tall reeds and then through a chest high swamp, swimming out ahead of his handler.

Thor located the suspect and made sure he didn’t go anywhere until Trooper Cavagnaro and Revere Police officers reached him and placed him under arrest. Revere Police charged the suspect with three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

#k9life.” -Massachusetts State Police.

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  1. I hope that the k9 respect the laws , and be honest and not be like the other state police that making overtime from their house , getting pay overtime by sitting in their sofa , when I’m working 40 hour every week so I can pay some bill and wait for the week to pay the rest , I pay my taxes every week , every year but if I speed 5 miles than what I suppose I get a ticket for 200 , if I don’t pay because everything is high like a kite , the gas , food , rent ,ect but I’m not taking something that don’t belong to me , with all that said , I hope the dog be more honest than the rest of that “state police’’ God bless America .

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