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Massachusetts Police Dept. lambastes proposed unconstituional anti-gun bill


“The Ware Police Department would like to bring an important matter to your attention: the proposed anti-gun Bill currently under consideration (HD 4420, An Act Modernizing Firearms Laws). We understand that this state-level legislation has raised concerns among law-abiding citizens who value their Second Amendment rights.

We recognize that the right to bear arms is a fundamental aspect of our nation’s history and an essential component of personal and collective security. As members of the police force, we are committed to upholding the law and defending the rights of our community members.

A plethora of blatantly unconstitutional proposals litter this travesty of a Bill, too many to mention here; however, of particular egregiousness is the criminalization of carrying firearms in certain so-called “prohibited locations”, including businesses and private properties, EVEN WHILE HOLDING A VALID LICENSE TO CARRY. Not even off-duty police officers will be exempted from this appalling mandate.

Gun Free zones have been proven to have no effect on stopping crime, in fact they embolden criminals to seek out these areas as soft targets of opportunity, where their chances of meeting resistance will be minimal.

This Bill does not address criminals. Rather it focuses on making criminals out of law-abiding citizens and further hampers police agencies from combating true crime.

We believe that public input and engagement are crucial in shaping legislation that reflects the diverse perspectives and concerns of our citizens. Therefore, we encourage you, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, who have a long and storied history of throwing off the chains of our oppressors (let not this tradition die in the hands of our generation), to actively participate in the democratic process by voicing your opinions and taking appropriate actions to safeguard your rights.

Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

1. Educate yourself: Familiarize yourself with the details of the proposed anti-gun Bill. Read the legislation, study its potential impact, and understand its implications for your rights as a responsible gun owner.
2. Communicate with your elected representatives: Reach out to your local, state, and federal representatives to express your concerns about the Bill. Write letters, and make phone calls to ensure your voice is heard.
3. Encourage open dialogue: Foster constructive conversations about gun ownership, emphasizing responsible practices and the importance of preserving individual liberties. Engage in respectful discussions with friends, family, and neighbors to promote understanding and awareness.
4. Stay informed and mobilize: Keep yourself updated on the progress of the bill and its potential impact on your rights. Stay connected with local gun rights organizations and be prepared to mobilize if necessary.

Remember, your involvement in shaping legislation that impacts your rights is vital. By actively participating and voicing your concerns, you contribute to the democratic process and help ensure that legislation is fair, balanced, and respects the rights of responsible citizens.

The Ware Police Department encourages respectful and law-abiding civic engagement on this matter. We are committed to maintaining the safety and security of our community while upholding the rights enshrined in our Constitution..

Thank you for your attention and active participation.-Ware PD”

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  1. In light of all of the increasing gun violence, for a public safety organization such as a Police Department to criticize a proposed law affecting gun safety is provocative. I’m retired from 25 plus years on MassState Police, a gun owner and continue to carry. Perhaps the Ware Police Department can publish proposals to regulate purchasing, buying & owning and continuing to maintain proficiency instead of just saying NO to these Legislators who believe they are making public safety better.

    • This bill does absolutely NOTHING to address the criminal use of firearms, all it does is further erode the rights of law-abiding citizens. As a veteran, firearms owner, and supporter of the United States Constitution, I reject your insinuation that a law enforcement agency criticizing such a trampling of citizens’ rights is “provocative”.
      Tell me ONE THING in this bill that will specifically prevent criminals from committing crimes of violence with a firearm? Rather than blindly following legislators that work for special interests, I suggest you draw upon your history of serving the public and stand up for the rights of law-abiding citizens rather than supporting ridiculous bills like this proposal.

    • Mr White, your proposals to regulate purchasing buying and owning are kind of redundant, and you still feel that as a now civilian owner of firearms that it is the law abiding citizen who is the problem in firearms violence? How many lawfully purchased firearms were used in murders in the state ( excluding suicides). I am willing to bet a paycheck that its less than 5.
      This WAS A CASE where the police departments and law abiding citizens just had to say NO. GOAL was contacted and asked for amendments, but this bill was so far reaching and so restrictive to the people who ARE NOT the problem, that they too had to finally say “enough with punishing the law abiding citizens of MA”.

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