Massachusetts man convicted of killing infant daughter denied parole


A Massachusetts man was denied parole after being convicted of killing his infant daughter.

According to documents issued by the parole board, on October 29, 2003, after a jury trial in Plymouth County Superior Court, Michael Moran of Halifax was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of his infant daughter, Viktoria. He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

On September 5, 2003, 21-year-old Michael Moran was living with his girlfriend and their two children. On that date, the children’s mother took their older daughter to the doctor and, at Moran’s insistence, left their seven-week-old daughter, Viktoria, in his care. Upon return, Viktoria’s mother checked on her daughter, who appeared to be fine. Later that evening, however, Viktoria stopped breathing. Paramedics arrived and transported Viktoria to the hospital, where she died. During questioning, Moran told police that he “slammed” Viktoria into her crib and her head hit the crib railing.

Michael Moran, now 40 years-old, appeared before the Parole Board for his initial parole hearing on January 11, 2022. When Board Members questioned him about his child’s death, Moran stated that he was “stressed out and angry” and had no one to talk to. He and Viktoria’s mother were staying with his father, but his father was trying to sell the house. Moran explained that he had a hard time maintaining employment for more than three consecutive months. He was worried and ashamed that they might become homeless. When a Board Member asked if he intentionally slammed Viktoria’s head against the crib, Moran answered, “Not intentionally, no.” He explained how he walked to the crib with Viktoria in his hands and put her down with “a very quick force… I threw my hands down really, really, fast, really hard.” Moran claimed that he did not intend for Viktoria to hit her head.

Board Members noted that Moran has not received any violent disciplinary reports during his incarceration. He completed seven programs prior to his hearing and earned his G.E.D. in 2017. Moran stated that he completed Correctional Recovery Academy, Alternatives to Violence, Criminal Thinking, and a Domestic Violence course. The Board considered testimony and a report submitted by Dr. DiCataldo, who stated that Moran has an IQ of about 70 and suffers from ADD, PTSD, and (possibly) fetal alcohol syndrome. Dr. Cataldo believed that Moran’s youth and situational stress contributed to the commission of the governing offense. He expressed concern that Moran’s plan to move to Florida immediately upon release was less than ideal.

Two of Moran’s family members testified in support of parole. Three family members testified in opposition to parole. Plymouth County Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Cipolletti testified, and submitted a letter, in opposition to parole.

The Board issued a ruling on September 29th that Moran has not yet demonstrated a level of rehabilitative progress that would make his release compatible with the welfare of society. They also stated that Moran continues to minimize his actions that led to the death of Viktoria.”

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