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Massachusetts legislators move to raise felony larceny from $250 to $1,500


In October of this year, the Massachusetts Senate passed a bill that included moving the threshold for felony larceny from $250 to $1,500. Currently, if someone steals more than $250 it’s considered a felony, less than that is a misdemeanor.

The backers of the bill claim it’s tough to get a job if you are convicted of a felony and why they are pushing to move the felony starting point to over $1,500. Should people who steal at a young age live with a felony on their record for the rest of their lives?

Opponents feel that this move will increase thefts in retail stores as criminals will now steal higher tag items knowing that it’s a misdemeanor. Stealing already costs retailers across the country $48.9 billion each year and this cost is passed on to the shopper.

What do you think? Leave it at $250, move it to $1,500 or somewhere in-between?

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