Massachusetts State Trooper rescues dog wandering breakdown lane of I-90

Shortly after a shift change, Trooper Edward Brunton and Trooper Elliot Scibelli, assigned to the Lee Barracks, received a call large older canine wandering in the breakdown lane of I-90 around the 16-mile marker in Becket.

Trooper Brunton got there within a minute along with Trooper Scibelli. A Good Samaritan trucker stopped and provided a leash for the two Troopers to gain control of the hot and tired dog. Trooper Brunton made quick use of the leash and, using his former rodeo skills, quickly had the furry beast in custody. The dog did not have a collar.

Trooper Scibelli provided transport for the dog and relayed him to members of the Washington Police Department who brought him to an animal shelter in the hopes the owner is Identified.

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