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Massachusetts bill proposed to fine jaywalkers $200


Massachusetts Rep. Colleen Garry (D) has sponsored a bill that would hit repeat jaywalking offenders with a hefty $200 fine.

Current law stipulates that jaywalkers in Massachusetts be fined $25. Rep. Garry’s bill would double that fine to $50 for second-time offenders and then double it again to $100 for the third offense and any after that.

Furthermore, you’re technically allowed to cross as long as you’re at least 300 feet from a crosswalk in the Commonwealth, but under this proposed bill, crossing anywhere outside a crosswalk would be subject to fines.

The onus on the bill seems to be directed at distracted pedestrians: if you are on your cell phone (or wearing headphones/earbuds) while jaywalking all those fines would double. It seems that we live in a society where people are so addicted to their phones that they can’t drive or cross the street without using them.

Politicians, of course, always think punishing residents financially is a way to resolve the issue. Funny how their solution directs monies into the state’s pocket.

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