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Newhouse Wildlife Rescue photo.

UPDATED: Massachusetts Animal Shelter trying to save life of poisoned skunk kit



“I can’t believe it! The skunk we received yesterday that we are treating for rat poison, appears to feel better today. He is more alert and has more energy. I didn’t think he stood much of a chance after we tested his blood, but I am daring to hope today.

He attempted to spray us to show his displeasure when we medicated him this morning – but to his surprise, he wasn’t able to.

Little did he know, while he was sedated yesterday, we emptied his anal glands and it will take at least a week or more for them to refill.

Phew! That buys us some time! 😂❤️🙏” -Newhouse Wildlife Rescue.

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue photo.


Original statement:

“There aren’t a lot of insects out right now and plants around here haven’t started sprouting, so chances are, this guy has been hunting a lot of rodents. His blood is VERY SLOW to clot. He likely ate some rodents that had ingested rat poison.

I have never seen a mammal survive when it took this long for the blood to clot, but we still have to try. We are the only chance he has.

Rest easy little one. We are going to do everything we can to save you.”-Newhouse Wildlife Rescue.

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  1. It’s a real shame, but most people could care less. I am not one of them. It hurts me to hear such stories and wish more people would take proper measures to see this type of animal control doesn’t continue, but alas, it will.

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