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MSPCA-Angell photo.

Massachusetts to receive 41 cats from Florida after evacuation from Hurricane Ian


“BREAKING: As Florida braces for Hurricane Ian’s devastating arrival, we are doing all that we can to evacuate pets from the region to make room for any animals who could be displaced by this historic storm.

We are preparing for the arrival of 41 cats to our adoption center in Boston and NEAS in Salem via a flight arriving later this morning. The cats include kittens as young as two months and adults aged up to 13. We have been scrambling this week to get the animals already in our care placed so we could make room for as many evacuees as possible. Adoption information to come, after the cats fulfill their mandatory 48-hour quarantine.

This transport reflects our larger efforts to be front and center for animals, and people, whenever disasters strike. Please help ensure these cats get to us safely and that we have plenty of resources to take care of them: mspca.org/florida.

*This photo is from cats from a previous emergency transport. The ASPCA flight from Florida will land this morning and we will get photos as soon as possible!” -MSPCA-Angell .

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