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Intro to Mixed Martial Arts Class in New Bedford


N.B. Fitness & Martial Arts Center – Armbar by Kayla
by Joe Silvia

Do you want to lose weight? Get in shape? Tone up? Lose that arm flab or stubborn hip or waist fat? You’ve seen the Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters on TV and what kind of shape they are in. Do you want to look like one without the bruises, fat lips, black eyes and cauliflower ears? Now you can!

Hematoma F.C. Gym continues to grow with a new offering for health and fitness. This program is a NO HARD CONTACT required program that focuses on improving health and fitness levels. The first week is FREE for new students!

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the world’s most difficult sports requiring an incredibly high level of athleticism. This program involves the exercise, strength and conditioning aspects that produce the bodies we see on television. You will learn to punch, kick, elbow, knee, “shoot”, sit-out, hip heist, bridge and more. It combines all of the elements of kickboxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu without the hard contact. This is done through a variety of solo and partner drills. You will learn to do all the “moves” you see on television without the sparring and hard contact.

This class is open to teenagers aged 13 to adults of any age, men and women alike, and lasts 45-60 minutes. You will shed weight FAST, lower your blood pressure, develop muscle tone, improve cardiovascular endurance, shape, develop your core, make new friends, improve self-confidence, and feel great about yourself in QUICK fashion.

In addition to being a class for health and fitness it also serves as an introductory class for those interested in the actual MMA class. This is a required class for all new fighters. It will take 1-3 months to graduate from this class and earn your “white shirt” which is a requirement to enter the intermediate class. Even if you have prior experience, this class is mandatory. This is not because a fighter can’t handle the intensity, but because the primer (warm-up and review) is very fast paced and does not allow for time for instruction. By learning the primer before entry into that class, this will allow the primer to move at its normal pace and not interfere with the workout.

Disclaimer: There are a number of partner drills involved and by its nature there is some intensity and of course accidents do happen. While there is no sparring in this class, protective gear is suggested. While a mouthpiece is mandatory, a protective cup, and knee pads are suggested.

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When Joe isn't writing, he's coaching people to punch each other in the face. He enjoys ancient cultures, dead and living languages, cooking, benching 999#s, and saving the elderly, babies and puppies from burning buildings. While he enjoys long walks on the beach, he will not be your alarm clock, because he's no ding-a-ling.

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  1. Hi please email because im interested but theres no contact on this website for to call.. And i also wanted to know the prise?? Because im very well interested thank you

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