Fairhaven Police respond to man ordering young boy into truck

The Fairhaven Police Department responded to the Hamlet Street area just before 4pm Friday afternoon after receiving a report of a suspicious person. When police arrived, they were informed that a young boy was walking on Evergreen Street when an older male driving a grey pickup truck slowly approached him and told him to “get his ass in the truck”.

The child immediately ran to a friend’s house and notified his parents. The operator, and sole occupant of the truck is described as a heavy set, older, short, white male between the ages of 40 and 60 with grey hair and a long goatee. The truck is described as a large, grey pickup truck with ladder racks.

The male party did not make an overt attempt at trying to physically get the child into the truck. He was reported to have slowly driven away on Hill Street, last seen traveling towards Hamlet Street. Officers searched the surrounding area for the suspect and vehicle, but did not locate one matching the description. Surrounding police stations were notified of the incident and requested to keep an eye out for any vehicle matching the description. Fairhaven Police also issued an administrative message via teletype to all stations. The Massachusetts State Police Air Branch searched the area with an available helicopter. However, they did not locate any vehicles matching the description. Sergeant Michael Botelho contacted the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and inquired if similar incidents had recently been reported. He was informed they had not been notified of anything resembling this case.

The Fairhaven Police Department takes matters such as these very seriously and investigates them to the fullest extent possible. If anyone has information pertaining to this incident, they are encouraged and asked to contact the Fairhaven Police Department at 508-997-7421. Further information will be released if any develops.

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