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Man Found Deceased in New Bedford Harbor


Joshua Greaves who was last seen leaving a downtown establishment on Thursday morning has been found deceased. On Friday evening at approximately 9pm the New Bedford Police Dive Team, headed by Sgt. Jason Gomes, made the recovery.

Using a remote controlled underwater vehicle, Mr. Greaves was located in about 30 feet of water off of Herman Melville Boulevard south of Antonio Costa Avenue. He was transported to the State Medical Examiners office pending an autopsy.

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  1. Very sad for his family and friends he leaves behind. . It may have been icy , causing him to slip and fall, that night, especially near the docks .That was my first thought when they said he went missing ,on that night ,after leaving the bar. Those bars need to stop letting people get so drunk just to get the money in . Wondering if they will do a blood alcohol level during the autopsy. Hopefully it will show that it was just a tragic accident , but he won’t be the first young man or woman to stagger out of that place

  2. Another sad story of some one dying in the harbor… This happens all to frequent… But to blame the establishments serving booze is wrong… This young man had a choice and he chose to drink and then to do what ever happened after that… I feel horrible for him his family n other loved ones but it’s no 1s fault but his own

    • You are awful. Josh is no longer here with us where he belongs and apparently you feel “it’s his own fault”. I’m definitely not blaming the bar. But just because you hear of a guy leaving a bar late at night you have a presumption about him. I knew him well. He was a great person. Everyone who knew him loved him. He WAS NOT just some loser. You are definitely entitled to an opinion but sometimes compassion should out way a presumptuous opinion.

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