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Man Charged with Home Invasion and Assault in Fairhaven


Rene Cambra

The Fairhaven Police responded to an assault and battery that occurred at a Laurel Street residence just before 9:30 Monday morning. When they arrived, they found a male party that had been struck in the head with brass knuckles by another male, identified as 35 year old Rene Cambra.

Cambra, of New Bedford, reportedly began kicking and pounding on the victim’s door. He then forced his way into the residence and punched the victim in the head with the brass knuckles knocking him to the floor. Cambra then began kicking the victim, and told him if he notified the police, he would kill him. It was also reported that Cambra claimed he had ties to the Sidewinders motorcycle gang.

Police arrested Cambra a short time later and charged him with home invasion, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, two counts of intimidation of a witness and threatening to commit murder. Cambra told police the argument started over stolen Percocet. He was arraigned at Third District Court later that afternoon.

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  1. Rene is a Dirt Bag!

  2. Actually he ISNT a “dirt bag”. He is an awesome person. Its your own fault if your disliked by him.

    • I agree, rene is a great person, stories get twisted and shit gets blown out of porpotion and if you knew the whole story and what actually happened you might think a lil differently

  3. If you need a weapon, your a pussy.

  4. With all due respect, when you kick in a person’s door and punch them in the head with brass knuckles… the whole “Awesome Person” thing becomes questionable. Regardless of the circumstance, there had to be a better way to handle the situation. If it was regarding stolen Percocet like the article stated, was Rene in lawful possession of the drugs? And if Rene was supposed to have Percocets and someone stole them, why wouldn’t he just call the police? This tells me that maybe somebody has a drug problem. I get that nobody wants to be a snitch, but if things were handled properly, he wouldn’t be in trouble. I wouldn’t call this person a “dirt bag”, but decent people don’t go around breaking into people’s homes and assaulting them.

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