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6 best lunch deals in New Bedford for $10 or under, Part 1


Everyone loves a good deal… especially those that involve food! America is a foodie culture par excellence. We love our food, we love trying new dishes and cuisines, we love discovering new restaurants.

Unfortunately, that can often come at a high price. That puts a serious damper on our beloved foodie experience. However, there are a fair number of places you can sate your foodie appetite – pardon the pun – and not break the bank. Whether you are just a frugal eater or simply having a tough weak financially so need to know where to go for the best deals in New Bedford, here is a guide to the ten best spots.

The following places are prices as of 2019 – we’ll update these articles annually.


1. Destination Soups’ Soups and Sandwiches

When it comes to lunch few things are less American than soup and sandwiches. All climates, all seasons, blue-collar and white-collar alike, everyone loves a hearty sandwich accompanied with a hot cup or bowl of soup. One of the joys of that love affair is the massive variety in the combinations. Often menus will offer standard pairings like Grilled cheese and tomato soup, Roast Beef and French Onion, Reuben and Matzo Ball Soup, et al but one of the great things about Destination Soups menu is the ability to mix and match in whatever way you wish.

While you can opt for a full sandwich with Cape Cod chips, going for the half/mini sandwich (between $2.50-$5.55) and a cup or bowl of soup ($3.80/$6) is the way to go. Starting at $2.50 for the mini grilled cheese (with tomato, avocado or meat options for extra $) and ending with $5.55 for the “The Beast” roast beef sandwich (sliced roast beef, bacon, pickled cucumber, roasted peppers, provolone, romaine) there is something for everyone.

99% of the menu is under $10 and there is only one single item that breaks the $10 barrier and that’s the “Wunderkind – the healthiest salad in town.” Even if you have a huge appetite and ordered a bowl of soup and a full sandwich – a feast -you’re in the $11 range.

I can’t recommend enough to either go for the “Turners Falls” (sliced ham, salami, cheddar, romaine, and tomato, pickled cucumber, choice of spread) or one of the seven types of “Specialty Grilled Cheese Fiesta” sandwich, especially the “Portucheese” (stuffed w/ground chourico, sauteed peppers, and onion) or the “Rick Cheese” (stuffed w/sliced apple, bacon, balsamic vinegar). Pair the “Turner Falls” with some clam chowder and the grilled cheese with a classic creamy tomato basil soup.

Destination Soups

149 Union St
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 991-7687


2. No Problemo’s Anything and Everything

The popular New Bedford landmark, No Problemo is popular by all segments of society. Stroll in at any given time and you will see politicians, lawyers, cops, hipsters, hippies, skateboarders, et al all mingling together and enjoying some of the best food in the city.

Besides the fact that the guys at No Problemo are just good people, there is the obvious fact that they make mouth-watering fare – something they have consistently done since they opened. The burrito that you fell in love with when they opened is the same one you’ll get when you walk in today.

However, their popularity also has much to do with their pricing: like Destination Soups there’s nothing on the menu over $10. You’d have to add all kinds of options like extra meat, extra guacamole, more sour cream to crack that benchmark. My personal favorite is the Tostada (Salad) and every once in a while, I’ll stray and get the El Diablo.

Is there anything bad that can be said about the New Bedford fixture? If there is, don’t tell me because I don’t need that kind of negativity and lies in my life.

No Problemo Taqueria

813 Purchase St
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 984-1081


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  1. You forgot Giammalvo’s $2 sandwiches to go. Great deal!

    • Are they $2 now? When I worked at Revere Copper (until 2007), I think the roast beef was $1.50, and others were $1.25. Best roast beef anywhere.

  2. My place half a chicken with rice and fries and extra sauce!!! ❤️

  3. Shaved Steak and Cheese sandwhich from Demellos Fish market. Available with onions, peppers, cheese, mayo and fries. Well under $10. Their Bifana sandwhich with portuguese red peppers is also good stuff. Underrated place with alot under $10. Sneaky good place.

  4. I go to NB once a month to visit my mom. I always go back to NH with Pa Raffa’s pizza kits. I have a lot of my friends asking me to bring back pizza. The cheese is exceptional and the pizza crust is fantastic. We all say that if they came up to the Nashua, NH area the would do a fantastic business. See you next month.I order my pizza under Martin!

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