Lock Locks during a Love The AVe Wednesday at the Nye Street Pocket Park off Acushnet Avenue, New Bedford. Photo by Justin Botelho.

New Bedford’s “Love The Ave Wednesdays” culminates in a spectacular grand finale event


“After a summer of vibrant community celebrations, the “Love The Ave Wednesday” event series is set to conclude with a grand finale on Wednesday, August 23rd, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. The culminating event promises an unforgettable experience as it expands beyond the Nye Street Pocket Park into the Bullard Street Municipal Parking Lot, creating a super-sized celebration along Acushnet Avenue, North End New Bedford for all attendees.

“Love The Ave Wednesdays” has captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike, reflecting the vibrant spirit and culture of the North End. The series kicked off with the unveiling of the public art sculpture “Love Locks” by renowned artist Keith Francis on July 26th. This magnificent sculpture not only embodies the essence of community unity but also provides an opportunity for individuals to contribute by placing their own unique locks on the structure.

Three subsequent Love The Ave Wednesdays kept the community returning to the Nye Street Pocket Park for music, story-telling, children’s activities of all sorts. Each was an opportunity to Love The Ave, which refers to the collection of organizations, groups, businesses and residents who came together to form a common effort to find new ways to embrace the beloved commercial corridor in New Bedford’s North End.

The final event on August 23rd is not to be missed. Attendees will be treated to an array of culinary delights from eight participating restaurants. The event will showcase fresh branding concepts developed by the innovative design firm Over/Under, allowing the neighborhood to contribute to the discussion in real time. Musical entertainment will be provided by a DJ, and live performances, including dance troupes, are set to ignite the evening with energy and excitement.

Throughout the “Love The Ave Wednesdays” series, community engagement has been at the forefront. Special collaborations with partners such as PAACA, Groundwork Southcoast, PACE, and 3rd Eye Unlimited have elevated the experience, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared identity around the Acushnet Avenue neighborhood.

The success of “Love The Ave Wednesdays” would not have been possible without the vision of the New Bedford Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) Partnership, in collaboration with esteemed partners like New Bedford Creative, the Community Economic Development Center (CEDC), and the City of New Bedford Department of City Planning. MassDevelopment’s TDI works with cross-sector partnerships in targeted commercial districts in Gateway Cities in order to engage community members, implement local economic development initiatives, and spur further public and private investment. Designated in 2022, theNew Bedford TDI District is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood in the central economic corridor of the city’s North End.

“The New Bedford TDI Partnership is witnessing a remarkable surge in cross-sector collaboration, forging connections among diverse organizations and programs that collectively influence the district’s trajectory,” said MassDevelopment’s New Bedford TDI Fellow Adelsa Mendes. “Simultaneously, there has been a noticeable upswing in resident engagement, with a growing enthusiasm among locals to participate in and collaborate on various TDI initiatives within the district.”

For further information about the New Bedford TDI District, please contact MassDevelopment’s New Bedford TDI Fellow Adelsa Mendes, atamendes@massdevelopment.com.”

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