Local woman shares all-too common experience with public leering and sexual harassment

Are you a woman who is fed up with cat calls, rude or explicit comments, or uncalled for behavior by simply walking to the store? Annoyed with being made uncomfortable with everyday activities being turned into a horrible experience? Many people complain that a nice stroll with their kids becomes a lesson in how not to act. Sadly, these uninvited comments are considered acceptable even when very young children are about. Do you feel this is becoming more commonplace? When is it crossing the line? Will speaking up just aggravate the situation?

One resident shares her thoughts from a recent experience.

“Hi, I’ve been noticing a lot more leering/sexual harassment from guys lately around my local neighborhood when I walk my dog – especially by the coffee shop on Acushnet Ave near Tarkiln Hill Road.

I called the shop and complained, but they said there is nothing they can do and this problem has been going on for 20 years! It especially bothers me when my little ones are with me, I’m not sure who they are leering at! Anyway, was proposing that you cover a piece related to this in an effort to improve New Bedford’s culture. I feel like I should be able to walk around my neighborhood comfortably without getting harassed and then people just waving it off because “That’s New Bedford…” I want this city to get better.” -Anonymous

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