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Local Events Subscription Service


Michael Silvia
by Michael Silvia

Last year I was continually frustrated with not knowing what was going on in my local area (New Bedford), Providence, Boston, and everywhere else in between.  I’ve always been very active in my community with sports, charity and nightlife, but found it difficult to find accurate information on events.  Yes, there are dozens of magazines and newspapers with events listed in them, events pushed (or spammed) to you on Facebook, and posters around most establishments, but there was no central Local Oraclesource.  Earlier this year that problem was solved with the introduction of localoracle.com.  Now people in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut (eventually all 50 states) have a single source of accurate, current events from a plethora of categories.

This was a great start, but like most people I wanted more.  I wanted a system that told me through e-mail and/or text message when an event that matched my preferences is posted into the website database.  Enter the localoracle.com member subscription service.  Members can now set up subscriptions in up to eight categories with over 100 sub-categories, including states and/or dozens of cities.

Managing you Subscriptions

While anyone can browse or search events on localoralce.com, only members can manage their subscriptions.  Don’t worry, the website is 100% free.  Register here and we can begin.

After logging into localoracle.com, click on the “Subscribe” tab at the top of the site, just under the search.

Local Event Subscriptions

You will get e-mails based on these subscription preferences. First, you will notice categories and states.

Local Events

Click on the plus mark in front of any category and the sub-categories will appear. For example, Music:

Local Music Events

You can check Music and select all genres, or select individual music preferences.  This goes for Arts & Cultural Events, Nightlife/Club events and other categories. This is the same for States to select individual cities and towns:

Events by State

Select your favorite Categories/Sub-categories and States/Cities and then select your notification preference. You can select the option to get an e-mail instantly when an event is loaded or a daily summary of events.

subscription service

Click Subscribe and you will begin to get events delivered to your in-box that YOU want. At anytime you can edit these preferences or disable the service completely. Give it a try and post a comment with your feedback!

About Michael Silvia

Served 20 years in the United States Air Force. Owner of New Bedford Guide.

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