Lakeville Fire Department remind Good Samaritans to exercise caution after car fire on Rt. 140

“At approximately 2:40 pm yesterday, Lakeville fire received a report of a vehicle on fire driving north on Rt 140.

Follow up information indicated the vehicle has stopped just north of the Pickens Street overpass. Firefighters arrived to find a car that had been on fire but was extinguished prior to arrival.

That Lakeville Fire Department would like to thank Good Samaritan, Juli Pittsley for her fast action successfully using a fire extinguisher on a car burning oil that she spotted on Rt 140.

She said she is always prepared with a first aid kit & a fire extinguisher and was very happy to help.

Firefighters investigated and found the cause to be a cracked engine block that was leaking oil into the engine compartment.
The Lakeville Fire Department will be teaching safe extinguisher operation class at the Lakeville Council on Aging on September 19th at 10:00.

The fire department would also remind potential good samaritans to use extreme caution whenever stopping on a highway. These locations are extremely dangerous and the potential benefit does not always warrant the risk.

Note: While responding to the this call, a motor vehicle crash occurred just south of Town Hall. Lakeville Car 1 and Freetown Rescue 3 responded to the crash. One patient was transported to St Lukes Hospital with injuries that did not appear serious.

While on scene of the crash, Car 1 broke away to respond to a medical emergency at the urgent care. An ambulance from Middleborough was initially dispatched but cancelled when staffing arrived from a recall and crews cleared the vehicle fire.”-
Lakeville, MA Fire Department.