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Lakeville Fire Department photo.

Lakeville Fire Department expresses appreciation for efforts to replace aging ladder truck


“The Lakeville Fire Department would like to express our appreciation to the residents of Lakeville who supported our efforts to replace our aging ladder truck.

While we understand the ladder truck was not the issue that brought out the large crowd last night to the town meeting, we do appreciate the strong support shown by our community!

The ladder truck we intend to purchase will be specifically designed to address the needs of the Town of Lakeville. The truck will sit as much as a foot lower than the current truck, allowing us to navigate roads that are currently impassable. The new truck will have a fire pump, it will carry water, and it will have hoses for water supply and fire attack. The new truck will have adequate storage for an assortment of rescue equipment. The new truck will likely have a service life in Lakeville of 30 to 35 years.

Most importantly the new truck will be new. The Town of Lakeville has owned 4 ladder trucks since 1990; on average they were 25 years old at the time of purchase. We averaged about 6 years of service before the trucks had to be replaced. Those ladder trucks did not fail overnight; they progressively become more and more unreliable and too expensive to maintain.

The Fire Department would like to commend and thank the Lakeville Capital Expenditures Committee, Lakeville Finance Committee, and the Lakeville Select Board for their support of our vehicle proposal.

These public servants are tasked with serving the greater good of Lakeville and their advocacy is strategic and holistic. They must consider the needs of the community and prioritize the allocation of resources in a sustainable way. The recommendation to purchase a vehicle came after much scrutiny and analysis.

The Fire Department is grateful for the expert assistance from our Town Administrator Ari Sky and Town Accountant Todd Hassett. They utilized their know-how to navigate the road from identified need, to CIP proposal, to Town Meeting approval. TA Sky and Mr. Hassett assisted Chief O’Brien in responding to the diligent scrutiny of our elected officials. Their support was indispensable.

Clearly, town government is a team effort. Thank you to our team!” -Lakeville Fire Department.

Lakeville Fire Department photo.

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