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Keating issues statement on Trump-Putin Summit


Below is a statement from Congressman Bill Keating, Ranking Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee’s Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade Subcommittee, on today’s summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

“Today, the President of the United States stood next to the person who directed an attack on our country and instead of standing tall for America, he blamed us and our past leadership for Russia’s aggression. It was impossible to distinguish his words from Russian propaganda.

“Trump discarded evidence from our national security experts, dismissed our rule of law, and utterly failed in his responsibilities as our Commander in Chief. He has done more than just embarrass our country by not holding Putin accountable and refusing to denounce Russia for its interference in our elections. President Trump’s actions are an immediate threat to our national security.

“Every Member of Congress – Democrat, Republican, or Independent – who stands by silently after today is complicit.”

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