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Joel Cordero turns his love for commercial video, photography and aerials into an opportunity for professionals seeking marketing content


If you live in the area, it is likely that you have come across the work of Joel Cordero; he has been producing media work across the South Coast area for more than 15 years as a photographer and videographer.

As a Broadcast Editor at Boston’s Ch7 NBC News, you’ve certainly seen his work without even being aware of it. He has produced promotional videos and product photography for the likes of Toth&Co, BlueFly, University of Rhode Island, South Coast Hospital group, Mass Dept of Health, SMEC, and many more.

Preparing for a commercial aerial video shoot.

Joel has managed to transform his deep love for photography and video into a career providing content primarily for realtors, business owners entrepreneurs and other professionals in need of world class marketing content.

Joel opened up about his motivation: “My biggest inspiration has been a deep internal desire to be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my family while doing something I love. Those who know me will attest that visual languages have always been second nature to me. My talent and skills have evolved from drawing and painting, to design and illustration, and more over, to video and photography.”

It is this intense desire that has sent him to university to balance the passion with technical knowledge and go through any extra training that would help him improve the craft, regardless if it was mandatory or not. In his mind, while it wasn’t a necessity, it would deepen his understanding, improve his knowledge base and subsequently improve the quality of service he could offer.

Joel has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design & Photography and has a FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Sec.333 Exemption for Commercial Aerial Video & Photography. “There are other drone operators/Aerial photographers in the market but very few have the appropriate federal exemptions required from the FAA/Federal government to operate commercially. If caught, those operators and their clients could be held liable for federal fines in the tens of thousands,” he explains.

Why does Joel place so much emphasis on video? You may have noticed the sheer volume of videos that circulate the internet is rapidly growing: Experts predict that by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video. Photography will always have a practical marketing application, but video is the future of marketing content.

Recently, Joel did some photography work for a nearby Yacht Club and it piqued his interest in a subject he hadn’t encountered often before. HHe shot aerial video and photography of the boats in a Sunflower Raft formation and the response was so encouraging that it is work he would like to give serious attention to. As the weather warms up, people will be going to the water with their boats. Mr. Cordero is working to be the go-to professional for any boat owner who would like world class aerial photography of their boats for their offices and/or homes.
Joel’s decision to enter deeper into this field was proven to be the right choice this past November. He took his then 10 month old son and an assistant on a job in Martha’s Vineyard. The job was to snap breath taking aerials of the most extravagant estate he has had the honor of photographing thus far.

While working through all of the photos the following day, he came across an impromptu picture his assistant snapped of him with his son on his shoulders with a stunning view of the estate in the background. “Every time I see this image I know this is why I am working as hard as I am; Not just to provide for my family but to be able to share experiences that I otherwise would never be able to.”

If you are a business owner, realtor, entrepreneur, home/boat owner, Event Planner, or a professional who wants a refined, passionate and experienced eye that can produce top-notch, superior video, photography, and especially aerial content, Joel Cordero is one person you should seriously consider. Take a glance at his promotional video, social media accounts and online portfolio on his website and you’ll see that the choice is an easy one to make!

Take a glance at his short aerial film of New Bedford, social media accounts and video or photography portfolio and you’ll see that the choice is an easy one to make!


Cordero Video & Photo

Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 415.5935
EMail: joel@joelcordero.com
Website: JoelCordero.com
Facebook: facebook.com/corderoccd/
Instagram: joel.cordero/

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