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It’s time for Americans to put country before party


It’s a scary time in America as people seem to care more about their political party than their country. There were plenty of times when Americans forgot about political parties and put their country first. World War II and the weeks after the attacks on 9-11 come to mind. Today, we are a country divided not seen since the American Civil War. We are better than this. 

Do you use social media? Read the newspapers? Listen to talk radio? If you do, then you’ve likely experienced the extreme hate Americans have for each other today. Political parties have become cults with their followers on the internet and airwaves defending their cults and leaders at all cost. These leaders not only control us through laws, they seem to control our minds as well. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if Americans simple left their hatred on the internet, but now we’ve seen violence in the streets. All protests see counter-protests and violence. Not only can it be dangerous to express your constitutional right by protesting, you can be harmed if you own a business and simply express your point of view. How much hate has Tom Brady seen for simply having a hat in his locker? How many businesses have received 1-star Yelp reviews because their owner made a political statement on his or her personal Facebook page?

More and more, free speech is being crushed in our universities. Once the center of free speech, universities have become a major GroupThink project with safe spaces. Only speakers that university administrators, teachers and political student groups agree with are permitted to speak. 

There is a simple solution to all the anger; remember that we are all Americans first and we are all sailing this ship together. History has shown most superpowers collapse from within, but history has shown that when Americans join forces for a common cause, anything is possible. We’ve defeated Hitler’s Germany, survived the Cold War, landed a man on the moon and created the largest, most successful economy the world has ever seen. Let’s not define ourselves as Republicans, Democrats or other political cults.

Spend less time attacking your fellow Americans, more time on improving our country and we will all benefit. We shouldn’t need another World War or 9/11 to bring us together. 

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Served 20 years in the United States Air Force. Owner of New Bedford Guide.

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  1. As we hear so many pundits say these days, “lets be perfectly clear”: this article or any of the scenarios you present are the result of CROOKED HILLARY losing the election! You’re naive if you think that any of this nonsense would be taking place had she won. The American people have spoken: rally around our Commander in Chief and pray our Country moves forward!!

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