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Is it ok to give Thanksgiving leftovers to your pooch? It depends


This week you would be hard pressed not to see endless memes and posts about what you can and can’t feed your devoted doggo after the Thanksgiving feast has ended. Obviously you don’t want to give something to your prized pup that might hurt them or make them sick. Let’s cross some things right off the list:


No bones (Duh!)
Spicy Foods
Fatty Foods (trim it!)
Avoid Gravy
Turkey skin
Garlic bread
Booze (aww!)
Ice Cream (if it has xylitol which is toxic and deadly)

Ok, so now you have a sad faced pup resting its head in your lap and its HUNGRY….well the good news is Turkey is just fine, white meat is much more preferable. Dogs will also enjoy some nicely prepared veggies (preferably steamed) and they won’t know the difference. String beans, asparagus and sweet potatoes are big crowd pleasers. A little bit of plain white bread is also fine if you know your dog doesn’t have any digestion issues. Remember, everything in moderation, a little goes a long way and the most important thing is making sure your pup has a long and happy life. Resist the urge to over indulge them, they’ll thank you for it and reward you with lots of love and kisses.

Oh, hey what about our other furry feline friends? Cats are Ok eating turkey too and we know how sneaky they will be if your plate is unattended. A lot of the same rules apply; avoid onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, avocados and nuts (especially walnuts and macadamia nuts which are especially toxic) Use common sense (and GOOGLE!) There are plenty of pet resources online to help. Better safe than sorry. Happy Thansgiving everyone!

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