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Innovative processing system for waste & recyclables being installed in Rochester, MA


ZWS Waste Solutions, LLS (ZWS) of Rochester, MA is proud to announce that on Monday, May 20, 2019 it will open one of the most advanced recycling facilities in the world. “We are very pleased to announce today that after a very long process our ZERO Waste Solutions recycling plant will open and begin processing waste materials into salable commodities,” said ZWS President/CEO Michael A. Camara. “CP Group of San Diego, California completed installing the recycling equipment with all of the latest technologies on Wednesday, May 15th.”

The 103,000 Square Foot ZWS facility will accept Residential & Commercial Waste Streams as well as Single Stream Recyclables, Co-Mingled Recyclables, and Source Separated Recyclables. The new facility will be partially powered by 90,000 Square Feet of solar powered panels. “By installing the 3,500 solar panels on our roof we’ll receive about 30% of our electrical needs from Green Energy,” said Mr. Camara. ZERO Waste Solutions is the sister company of ABC Disposal Service, Inc. and New Bedford Waste Services, LLC of New Bedford, MA.

ZWS has been equipped with the latest recycling technologies including many different size screening systems, magnets, eddy current systems which remove aluminum and very sophisticated optical sorting systems. These systems are all designed to automatically separate recyclable materials into different categories of commodities.

“Combining the capabilities of our network of transfer stations and vast hauling operations as well as ZWS’s advanced recycling technologies we will be able to develop extremely efficient recycling operations,” said Mr. Camara. “These advanced recycling technologies will allow us to improve our ability to process a larger percentage of materials which can then be recycled, reused and diverted from disposal.” “We have installed the most technologically advanced separation equipment available to achieve the highest recycling rates.”

Mr Camara says “Having our ZWS Recycling Facility finally opening is a great tribute to the years of hard work of our employees, my family and I.” “Thus will benefit our customers for many years to come” We are very proud opening one of the most technically advanced recycling facilities in the world and a great asset for Massachusetts.”

Zero Waste Solutions, LLC Advanced Recycling Facility opening May 20, 2019.

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