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If Your Favorite Restaurant doesn’t Deliver With GotChew, They Probably Should!


Shared by contributor Brendan Kurie.

So the other day I had a craving for these awesome fish and chips from one of my favorite restaurants here in New Bedford.
I didn’t feel like packing up the kids and trudging down there, so I went on my favorite food delivery app and a true local small business success story, GotChew, but the restaurant wasn’t on there.

Then I remembered those old cable commercials for the channels we didn’t get. You probably remember them to: “If you want the Disney channel, call your local cable operator.” The idea behind those ads was simple: If the cable company knew there was enough demand, they’d add the channel to their lineup.

It’s the same with GotChew, which can increase a restaurant’s to-go orders by 30% and whose tailored delivery experience means 86% of its customers order at least once a month.

So next time you’re in your favorite spot for that deliciously garlicky mozambique, or grabbing your favorite thin-crust pizza or chowing down on a juicy burger and you notice the restaurant isn’t a partner with GotChew, the area’s only locally born and built delivery service, here’s a little pitch you can give them. (Or just send them straight to this website!)

It’s easy.
It takes just a couple of days to get onto GotChew’s elegant and user-friendly web and mobile app platforms. GotChew handles both pick-up and delivery services, so not only can it expand your customer base, but it can save your staff time and headaches taking pick-up orders over the phone.

It’s inexpensive. There’s no sign-up costs and the service is commission-free for 30 days as part of a limited-time deal.

It’s local. But what’s really important is that they’re local and they provide the best service. There’s no call center halfway around the Globe and you get a personalized experience dealing with actual owners and managers.

It’s effective.
Not only does GotChew offer the lowest commission costs in the industry, it boasts industry-leading service levels, with over 95% of orders picked up by the scheduled time, a stat you won’t find with those national food delivery apps.

It’s more than just a delivery app, it’s a partner. GotChew will come to your restaurant to do a free 10-item menu photo shoot, because we all know the best salesman for that mouth-watering burger is a high-quality photo. Restaurant owners and managers have full access to edit menus, change prices, view sales reports and your restaurant will be included in social media and email newsletter blasts to GotChew’s foodie fanbase.

So let your favorite restaurant in New Bedford, Fall River, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, Somerset or Westport know that they can join more than 100 local restaurants who are already taking advantage of GotChew’s famously simple and effective ordering system and its on-time, friendly delivery services.
To sign up, or for more information visit GotChew.co/partner

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