New Bedford Guide’s “I am New Bedford High School” Program

nbhslogoIt seems to be human nature in the media to cover the negative stories. 10,000 airplanes could take off successfully, but the media only pays attention to the one that crashes or disappears. Humans tend to be interested and even drawn to negative news.

Last year, a New Bedford High School student threw a chair at a teacher and was expelled. Too many kids at New Bedford High School get grouped in with the trouble makers – unfairly so. The students getting straight As, winning science fairs and excelling at sports don’t seem to get the same coverage as the students that fight or throw chairs at teachers. New Bedford Guide is going to change that.

We are starting a program called, “I’m New Bedford High School.” It will showcase the GOOD young men and women at the school; the real students that deserve recognition. The teachers, volunteers or anyone that is a positive influence on the school. Each article or video will spotlight a student by telling our city a little bit about them and spotlight their accomplishments. For example, a video of them showcasing their talent, some poetry, writing or something else that spotlights them.

We are looking for local businesses to sponsor this program. If you are interested in sponsoring this program contact