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How to feel like a million bucks


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By Lara Harrington

As the weather starts to warm up (I promise it WILL happen any day now), you may feel the need to clean house with your nutrition. With all the different types of diets out there, you may feel a little unsure about which is right for you.

The bottom line is there is no cookie-cutter approach to nutrition. It’s all about how your body responds to food. For example, I have learned that I thrive on a plant based diet while my beautiful business partner, Angela, tends to thrive on a more Paleo diet. Even with these extremes in the way we eat, we still exist harmoniously at Boutique Fitness.

The truth is that we tend to over-report exercise and under-report caloric intake. It’s not our fault – it’s a natural glitch that comes with being human. This being said there is a tried & true way to nail your (human) behavior… journaling your food intake and physical activity.

Before you dismiss this task completely, hear me out:

You really can’t out-train a bad diet. This means that your relationship with food has a greater impact on your health and fitness than your workouts do. The great thing about staying dedicated to working out is that you have a greater chance of success with honing your diet.

The very best way to change behavior is to get emotional about it – which happens through brutal honesty. To help you get the ball rolling I’ve created a 7 Day Journal where you can bare it all. I’ve included tips to help you organize your actions and prioritize your focus. Before you know it the weather will be warm, your diet will be in check, and you’ll feel like a million bucks! XOXO

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