How Hillary Clinton took the Democrat nomination

Just before going to bed on Monday, June 6th, 2016, most of the mainstream media like CNN were gushing … I mean reporting that Hillary Clinton had secured the 2016 Democrat Presidential nomination. I had to re-read the headline a few times because there had been no primary that yesterday.

A quick Google search showed Hillary Clinton with 1,812 pledged delegates still 571 delegates short to officially win the nomination. Bernie Sanders had 1,521 pledged delegates or 291 delegates less than Clinton. How could she have secured the nomination 571 delegates short of the 2,383 needed and the day before 6 critical primaries? 571 super delegates.

Source: Google

What is a super delegate? Are they Super Heroes that have saved the world enough times that they are given special privileges throughout society to include elections? Nope. To Bernie Sanders supporters and all those in favor of democracy they are the super villains.

From Wikipedia: “These Democratic Party super delegates include distinguished party leaders, and elected officials, including all Democratic members of the House and Senate and sitting Democratic governors. Other super delegates are chosen during the primary season.”

Only the Democratic Party has super delegates. Yes, the party of Al Gore who lost to George W. Bush and immediately pushed to get rid of the electoral college used in general elections have an even worse nomination system. But I digress.

These Super Delegates are equivalent to 10’s of thousands if not 100’s of thousands of votes each or roughly 15% of the entire delegate count and really are the ones deciding the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. You and I get one vote while elected officials each get to cast 100,000 votes.

Let’s say Democrats believed that everyone’s vote counted equally and never had (or simply abolished) the super delegate system. Today, Hillary Clinton would be leading by 291 delegates with 813 delegates available on June 7th and 14th. Honestly, she may not even be leading at this point because from the very first primary the media has been including the super delegates in their count making it appear that Clinton is dominating. Undecided people like to vote for the winner and that takes us back to June 6th, 2016.

Why would the media announce Hillary Clinton the the official nominee on June 6th when there were no primaries held on that day? Because 571 Super Delegates said they would vote for Hillary even though their vote doesn’t happen until the Democratic Convention that will be held from July 25-27. No election. Just a bunch of current and former Democratic politicians deciding who your nominee will be. Move along, nothing to see. Trump. Racism. Wall. Distracted yet?

The timing was critical and planned carefully. Announcing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee the day before six primaries was meant to lower the Bernie Sanders turn out and the media is fully complicate in this sham. If the election is already decided why head to the polls, right?

The mainstream media and the Super Delegates have taken control of the Democratic nomination process. Super delegates were invented by Democrats and are solely used in Democratic elections. If you are against the electoral college, super delegates are much worse because they get to vote freely where the electoral college vote based on the popular vote of their state. It will be interesting to see what cushy, high paying government jobs these 571 super delegates get in 2017 should Hillary Clinton become President.

The mainstream media ensured Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were the only two choices by giving significantly less air time to the other three Democratic candidates (Webb, O’Malley and Chaffee) in the debates and by including the Super Delegates in the total count from the beginning. By reporting the Hillary “win” the day before 6 critical primaries they’ve pulled off a hat trick.