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Homes For Heroes program provides home savings to South Coast’s heroes


The people behind the Homes For Heroes program in the South Coast, Brian Clay and Max Carey in their self-described “cheesy photo that looks like we are auditioning for Anchorman 3” photo.

The events of 9/11 demonstrated the worst and best of humanity. While the actions that initiated the event were one of the worst acts in contemporary history, they also inspired and brought out the best we are capable of. Stories abound of compassion, empathy, and sacrifice. Strangers helping strangers because its simply the right thing to do.

Now, over a decade later we are still discussing that day and people are still doing good things. One of these is a program called Homes For Heroes – inspired by the sacrifice that men in uniform demonstrated on that infamous day. The program’s objective is to offer substantial rebates or discounts to men and women in uniform – police, firefighters, military personnel including veterans – who are looking to purchase, sell, or refinance a home. Since it’s inception over a decade ago, it has grown to include teachers and health care workers.

The savings are offered by select real estate agents – one agency per region. In the South Coast, the program is offered by New Bedford resident Brian Clay and “Fairhaven-ite” Max Carey of Keller Williams – whom I applaud, because this program is something that a real estate agency can thrive without.

Matt and Caroline Lee with Brian and Max after receiving over $2,500!

These experienced, successful realtors certainly don’t need to offer a program like this. It’s not necessary or fundamental to their success – but they choose and want to do this because they were equally inspired and motivated by the stories that came out during 9/11. So when veteran Tim Barr of Homestead Mortgage approached them in 2014, they jumped at the chance to bring this wonderful program to the South Coast.

If you spend just a few minutes with either Brian or Max, you can see what type of people they are. They would promote a program like this, if they were plumbers, mayors, or homeless. They are just good, down-to-earth people who want to give back to the community. I see this type of business model more and more. Gone are the days of the aggressive guerrilla marketing and making someone wear a pizza suit and flag down cars. America is slowly making a return to relationship-based business. A hand shake, word is bond, call me by my first name type of relationship.

Brian and Max epitomize this business model and are quite serious about reaching heroes and getting these savings to them. Yes, they will connect with more people and garner more business from it, but the fact that they are starting out marketing their business by FIRST spreading the Home For Heroes program speaks volumes about who they are and how they do things.

How the program works is simple: if you are one of the aforementioned people, register on Homes For Heroes website. It’s free and there are no hidden charges. A real estate or loan specialist will contact you – in this case Brian or Max. If you qualify, you receive one or more of the following:

  • TA 25% rebate, at closing, from the real estate Affiliate’s company’s gross commission.
  • Discounted lending fees charged by Homes for Heroes® lender affiliates.
  • Title Closing Fee discounts where allowed by law.
  • Other Real Estate Related Discounts available in some States.
The Homes For Heroes program was inspired by the events of 9/11.

Such a simple, effortless process that takes, literally one minute and you are rewarded thousands of dollars. Dollars that can be spent on better quality items for your home, or perhaps some appliances or decorations that turn your house into a home. Heck, that’s gas for a year…er…a day.

The program since Brian and Max have offered it, has reached hundreds of people and when they were asked to share their story, they did so eagerly. In fact, I was overwhelmed with the responses and can’t share them all. They have plenty of testimonials on the Homes For Heroes page and plenty of photos with people who have gone through the process and saved tons. Most recently:

“Homes for Heroes helped us put down a big down payment and still have over $2,000 in cash back. That helped us renovate the kitchen and update some windows right away. Tim, Brian, and the rest of the team were really helpful and supportive during the entire process.” -Matt and Caroline Lee

Homes For Heroes
Facebook: facebook.com/homesforheroessouthcoast
Website: homesforheroes.com/

Brian Clay Keller Williams real estate page: brianclay.thesteveclayteam.com/
Phone: 508-241-4266
Email: brianclay@thesteveclayteam.com
Max Carey Keller Williams real estate page: maxwellcarey.thesteveclayteam.com/
Phone: 508-971-0294
Email: maxcareykw@gmail.com

Tim Barr – Homestead Mortgage page: facebook.com/TimBarrHomesteadMortgage
Phone: 508-221-4279
Email: tbarr@myhomesteadmortgage.com

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