Help Wanted: Staff Veterinarian at Buttonwood Park Zoo

STAFF VETERINARIAN $56,362 – $68,749/yr

The Staff Veterinarian at the Buttonwood Park Zoo is responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of a professional, comprehensive, long-term veterinary medical program for the zoo’s animal collection in accordance with the standards established by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, and USDA APHIS. Meets with zoo senior staff as needed to discuss veterinary care and/or the status of the animal collection. Establishes and implements a program of prophylactic and preventative veterinary care, which includes a schedule of annual examinations for the animal collection. Annual examinations may include, but are not limited to: vaccinations, de-worming, parasite checks, foot care, dental work, blood work, etc. Establishes and maintains an acceptable record-keeping system including, but not limited to, MedARKS and/or ZIMS programs. Establishes and maintains a schedule of fecal checks complete with prophylactic de-wormers or de-worming as necessary. Responsible for the provision of all necessary diagnostic procedures such as radiographs, analysis of blood and other bodily fluids, and any other test work required to assess an animal’s condition. Provides appropriate treatment and follow-up medical care in accordance with professional peer and regulatory standards. Maintains, in optimal operating condition, appropriate immobilization equipment including dart guns and anesthesia equipment. Assists in the recapture of escaped animals as necessary. Staff Veterinarian is required to be trained and have familiarity with all firearms housed at the zoo. May be called upon to euthanize debilitated or escaped animals. May include both routine and non-routine procedures associated with managing exotic wildlife. Provides treatment for non-emergency needs in a timely manner. Provides emergency care in a timely manner for severely injured or seriously ill specimens. Manages the on-site Animal Health Clinic. Supervises clinic staff in the maintenance of the facilities and equipment in the Animal Health Clinic, the maintenance of animal health records in both paper and electronic formats, animal care for those animals housed in the AHC, and any required lab work. Assists the Director, General Curator, Senior Zoo Caretaker, and Zoo Caretakers in matters pertaining to animal management as required. Assists in formulating and evaluating animals’ diets. Assists in assuring that incoming or departing animal shipments meet USDA, AZA, State and zoo veterinary requirements prior to their transfer. Examines new arrivals or departing animals and assists in completion of related, required paperwork. Assists in the development and management of the zoo’s Research and Conservation Programs. Acts as a liaison with Federal, State and local authorities in all matters pertaining to zoo veterinary medicine. Maintains any and all pertinent licenses and permits required for the implementation of veterinary care. Participates in education programs offered to the public. Topics may include wildlife natural history, conservation and animal welfare. This may include on-site, off-site and after-hours educational programs provided by the zoo to the general public. The Staff Veterinarian is expected to publish in scientific journals, and present findings and represent the zoo at Veterinary conferences and meetings. As requested, the Staff Veterinarian may be required to speak to the media regarding veterinary and general zoological topics. Assists the Director of Zoological Services in fund-raising and public relations initiatives including cultivation meetings. Provides guided zoo tours. Attends zoo-related social events, and assists with zoo meetings and events. Utilizes current relevant literature, and consults with veterinary and zoo professionals in matters related to maintaining the health of the zoo’s collection. Utilizes veterinary specialists for specimens whose conditions require treatment or care beyond the ability of the Staff Veterinarian. Provides weekend site coverage as needed. Must be available “on-call” for emergencies at all times. When unavailable to fulfill responsibilities for any reason, arranges veterinary care through another qualified “relief” veterinarian. (USDA APHIS requirement). Provides “neonate examinations” for all newborn animals within a reasonable time after birth. In the event of an animal death, carries out a necropsy in accordance with any AZA SSP, TAG or other AZA committee’s recommendations. The Staff Veterinarian may perform additional duties as determined by the Director of Zoological Services. The above covers the most significant responsibilities of this position. It does not, however, exclude other occasional duties, the inclusion of which would be in conformity with the level of this position.

Graduation from an accredited college of veterinary medicine with a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a license to practice veterinary medicine in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For application/complete job description, please visit or contact the Personnel Dept., 133 William St., Room 212, 508-979-1444. Applications will be accepted until a suitable candidate is found. EEO

New Bedford has a residency requirement.