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CLOSED: City of New Bedford is hiring for a Temporary Data Entry Clerk


********** This job has been filled and no longer available. *****

PAY: $15.46hr -$20.92hr

Monitors and controls electronic computer to process business or other data according to operating instructions. Selects and loads input and output units with materials such as tapes or printout forms for operating runs. May control computer to provide input or output service for another computer under instructions from operator of that unit. Operates on-line or off-line machines according to written or oral instructions to transfer data from one form to another, print output and read data into and out of computer. Participates in technical projects.

Recommends changes in programs, routines and quality control standards. Prepares for review records and reports of operating and down time; operates computers to assist in locating and overcoming error conditions.

Graduation from a high school or GED equivalent with specialized course work in computer operations. Mandatory CORI (Criminal Offender Record Investigation) background check per City Council Ordinance effective May 14, 2013.

For more information please visit: www.newbedford-ma.gov.

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