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HELP WANTED: $100,000 a year for part-time work in Boston


Want a part-time job that pays six figures, paid travel to exotic countries with a full time staff to do most of your work? Read on!

Beacon Hill is seeking some-what qualified candidates for elected office. Get 150-300 signatures and your in! Well, almost.

– Must be willing to be trashed by entrenched politicians with lots of money.
– Must be willing to write 3-4 bills each year. Just kidding! Lobbyists and your full-time staff will do that. Just be available to skim the bill a few minutes before you vote on it (recommended but not required).
– Must be willing to travel at no cost to exotic lands for weeks at a time without your family. Remember who paid for your trip when voting!
– Must be a team player, incapable of critical thought and be willing to vote exactly how the party leadership tells you how to. Rock the boat? No “leadership” pay or highly coveted committees for you.
– Must be able to take credit for all good things in your district and be able to shift blame to the governor and President Trump when things go bad.

Does this interest you? Download our handbook and complete the checklist here.

About Michael Silvia

Served 20 years in the United States Air Force. Owner of New Bedford Guide.

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  1. not interested , i used to make this kind of money in a regular 7-3 job… wtf happened to that?

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