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Grandmother thankful for strangers at Stop & Shop helping autistic granddaughter


A grandmother shared how grateful she was for workers and strangers at the Stop & Shop on Dartmouth Street in New Bedford for helping her autistic granddaughter who lost her special doll:

“Yesterday my autistic granddaughter lost her special doll named Sandy. I would like to give a shout out to all those at Stop & Shop that went above and beyond to be sure my granddaughter Amariannah would get a new Sandy doll. My heart goes out to you all and I want to thank each and every one of you for your love and support.

Thank you to Stop and Shop on Dartmouth Street in New Bedford, specifically Franky Foscaldi in the meat/seafood department and Alexandria Rose and Alisa Marie.

Keisha Rodriguez as well for offering to buy a new doll. Hayden Lynn, Christopher Mel, Donna Monteiro, Kristi McCmanus, and Aaron Alfres. Special thanks to Jecka Braga’s Daughter offering her own doll to my granddaughter. Also a huge thanks for all the support and sharing to make sure my granddaughter was ok – Derek Fernandes Alves, Jessica Tiffany Russo, Annie McCarthy, Darlene Rego, Patti Anne, Michele Shannon, Cindy Ann Thompson, Carmen Carmen, Kelli Macomber, Teresa McCormack, Donna Mello, Phillips Valver, Cody Cameron Labreque, Kim Newton, and Terri Aguiar.

These are the kind of people that make New Bedford great. Thanks again so much for all your love and support for caring about another child that you didn’t know personally. We just picked up sandy. Thank you all so much.” – Jennifer L Staples‎

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