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GoFundMe for Rosemary Heath hits $90,000


At the time of this writing, the GoFundMe fundraiser for Rosemary Heath has hit $89,558. By the time you are reading this it should be well over $90,000.

Here’s our interview with her before she donated a kidney:

The GoFundMe details:

“I am Elizabeth Kenney my sister is Rosemary Heath and I just found out today that Rosemary’s Home will be foreclosed on December 27, 2019. She needs help saving her Home. I am asking for help to save her home. Rosemary and her husband, George Heath, who was murdered during the Taunton Rampage on May 10, 2016, George and Rosemary stood up to help the pregnant woman and then she had to watch her husband as he died in her arms. Since that day she has been dealing with CPTSD. She was denied the right to apply for SS Disability shortly after George’s murder. She had to go back to work and lost her job, less than a year later, due to the CPTSD. The mortgage was paid up to the time she lost her unemployment in August 2018. She fought to get Disability from Social Security. It took a while but in September 2019 she finally was approved, although, she still has to appeal the date of disability. In the mean time the State of Massachusetts did not consider her a victim of the crime, and she is still fighting for her rights with the MA Office of Victims Assistance. The wheels of our government move slowly. She has maintained the home since 2016, doing necessary repairs and upkeep as needed. Until she lost her job. She has exhausted her search in contacting agencies to assist, although she and George were first responders by action, they were not paid first responders, therefore do not qualify for assistance by any agency. Now the mortgage company wants a minimum of $25,000 to stop the foreclosure and reinstate her mortgage. She is able to pay the monthly payments now, but they want the lump sum payment which she does not currently have. She can’t find an apartment for less than what her mortgage is and can’t keep the pets George gave her (their cat and 3 dogs) and abandoning them, is NOT an option. The house and her animals are all she has left. Her husband is gone and she will be devastated if she losses the home she and George had together. Please help, if you can.”

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  1. So, with this sum of money raised for her, it will probably have an effect on her SS benefits! Sometimes you cannot win for trying..they always have an angle to defeat you. So sad. Wish her all the !uck. God bless..?

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