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Ghost Peppers almost ready to cause some pain!

Local Dishes That Will Blast Your Face Off: Ghost of the Crazy Chicken


Attention Chili-heads or people who enjoy watching their friends and family who are chili-heads, suffer immensely: here are five dishes within a short drive to put a hurting on you from lips to er…exit. Some even have challenges attached to them, for those who want a few minutes of local fame.

So what is the point of eating something so hot? This is an often asked question and one I’d like to reply with by borrowing George Mallory’s iconic response: “Because it’s there.”

There is a common misconception that chili-heads simply go for the hottest thing possible at every meal. Truth is we like heat, but the painful experiences are reserved for special occasions. There is a rather large variety flavor recipes to many of the bottled sauces on the market. Peppers can roasted, an assortment of citrus flavor from lime, orange, mango, pineapple, papaya, and even chocolate and cinnamon.

So whether you are looking for a challenge or have a bad case of Schadenfreude and want to watch your “stupid” friends suffer, here are five dishes you can find within an hour’s drive that will force you to ask the question “What did I get myself into?” and cry out “I WANT MY MOMMY!” Click on the title of each and it’ll lead you to their prospective website. Check out my previous article on Rose Alley’s San Juan Challenge. Here is #2 …

Wicked Good Chicken’s Ghost of the Crazy Chicken

New arrival on the scene is Wicked Chicken located at 804 Belleville Avenue, right near Top Music and the old Titleist building. While they specialize in rotisserie chicken, and a pretty darn inexpensive menu (and a legit Cuban sandwich BTW), they make this list because they have an epic challenge that will remove your face and place a few feet away: eat one of their Espiritu Del Pollo Loco (Ghost of the Crazy Chicken) sandwiches and you get to be the laughing stock of all your friends.

The sandwich consists of their juicy rotisserie chicken, grilled onions, red peppers, ghost peppers – yes, you read that right, the world’s 2nd hottest pepper- smothered in their wicked good spicy sauce, served on a Ciabatta roll. Accomplish this and get a t-shirt and your name on the hall of fame. Fail and enter the hall of shame. Win or lose, your friends are taking great delight in your suffering.

Next up … East Coast Grill’s Pasta From Hell.

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