Freetown Police seek info in connection with screws being dumped in road, one arrested

“For the past couple of weeks, construction screws have been intentionally placed along a well-traveled section of South Main Street in Freetown’s Assonet Village. As a result, vehicles traveling along this section have sustained damaged tires and town’s highway department has spent a great deal of time removing screws from the roadway.

Today, at approximately 4:45 PM, Freetown police officers arrested Peter Vasconcellos, age 56, 113 South Main, who resides within the section of roadway where the screws have been placed, on the following charges: operating a vehicle after license revoked, operating a vehicle with revoked registration, and uninsured operation. During an inventory of the vehicle, police located screws in a driver’s door compartment.

Also, police located an open box of screws behind the center console. The screws are identical to those recovered from the roadway.

Police are continuing their investigation and are asking anyone whose vehicle tires sustained damage while driving along South Main Street to contact Detectives Patrick Lee or Kelley at 508-763-4017.”-Freetown Police Department.