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Mars Bargainland at Riverside Avenue (Spinner Publications)

Five (Almost) Forgotten New Bedford Landmarks


While I was born in Plymouth, I moved to New Bedford when I was 4-5 years old. I don’t know that I recall very much about Plymouth. My first memory of life was when I was perhaps 1-2 years old. I have shared my first memory with friends in the past and they will ask “How do you know that you were 1-2 years old?”

Well, I vividly recall wearing a diaper (in hindsight) and playing in the grass. There was a tiny thing “playing” in the grass next to me. It approached me, so surely that meant it wanted to play. When you are new to the world, you are curious about everything. Everything.

Apparently, My thumb was my connection or feeler to the world. I used it to touch things. In this case, I reached out with thumb to connect with this thing and a powerful sensation of heat and pain exploded and surged through my hand. I turned, and ran towards safety, wailing as I went.

Turns out it was a bumblebee. I was so young, that I had no idea what a bumblebee was. Oddly enough, I would have never recalled that day playing in the grass if it wasn’t associated with a powerful memory. Pain is an excellent mnemonic anchor.

I digress. Allow me the liberty, because it isn’t altogether without a point.

Moving to New Bedford around 5 years of age meant, virtually my entire childhood is of New Bedford. While not born here, I am of New Bedford. It’s instilled in me.

While I have many painful memories of New Bedford, the vast majority of my memories are positive ones. Sorry, cynics.

As I get older, my memory is not what it used to be. In my case, it’s abnormal due to years of silent concussions from combat sports, but certainly, a portion of it is a product of growing older. My point with sharing my first memory is that even with normal and abnormal memory loss, I have retained many memories, even ones that would be considered “unimportant.” They’ve been retained because of their intensity and power.

I have many fond memories of a number of landmarks throughout the city. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to come across images of many of these. I remember playing tag football in the Car Barn before it was a housing complex. It was an auto salvage facility if memory serves me correctly. I remember crushed or destroyed cars stacked upon each other. They were stacked in rows along opposing walls, leaving a clearing in the center for heavy machinery. That was our football field.

At one point I lived on Clark Street, across from Ketcham Traps in 1978. I remember peering out the second-floor window and shouting to my mother “Everyone got so scared of the blizzard that they left town!! WOW!”

“How do you know that?” she said. A very puzzled mother joined me at the window. “All the cars are GONE.” I replied. When she looked out along the streets from our vantage point, she pointed to a thin piece of metal poking out from the snow. “See that?” she started. “That’s a car antenna. The cars aren’t gone. They are under the snow.” What do the youth say today? “Mind blown?” Understatement.

Any kid who lived in the city during that blizzard knows exactly what comes next. A laser-like focus on one mission: getting outside and being a kid. What followed was 3 days of festivities as the city was shut down.

In the context of winter, there’s a saying “You know you are from New England when you get excited when you see a Trans Am.”

Anyhow, that’s enough of an introduction. If left unchecked, I’ll type for a few more hours and we’ll never get to the “meat.”

So, let’s discuss 5 (Almost) Forgotten Landmarks. We’ll do a few of these. Here are just 5 that came to my head first.

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  1. Oh loved Mitchells they had the best fish & chips anywhere. Remember going there and having to wait forever for a table with my grandparents.
    I also loved going to Virginia Dare Soda on Nash Road, remember getting to pick out the bottles of whatever flavor we wanted, lemon lime, cream then you would put them in that crate and bring them home. That soda was yummy!

    • lol i remmber playing in there she was my aunt i loved her much and i loved her cooking best seafood in new bedford

    • now that you mention virginia dare and fish n chips,,i have to mention jerry’s fish n chips on nash road,,i loved it,the reason that brought me here i was looking up old land marks and was thinking about senecal’s pharmacy on lunds corner,new bedford,loved the coffee frappes after getting home from school from normandin jr. high then nb voke tech,,,then theres lavas a&w in fairhaven for the root beer in a frosty mug.thanks for going down memory lane.

      • I worked at Senecals for many years behind the fountain..Our coffee syrup was from Senecal’s own recipe,and made by yours truly.

        • Well Bob,its nice to be able to say,, ”thanks for the memories” with that coffee syrup,,lol,,i would get a frappe at Senecal’s and go next door to Homlyke bakery and get a choc. frosted cake sguare after getting home from school at Normandin jr. high in the mid to late 70’s.The last good coffee frappe i had at a local pharmacy was at Bettencourt’s on the Ave.Thanks for replying.

        • That was across from Jireh Swift School, we tried a few times to sneak to Senecal’s for a coffee frappe, but never made it, sigh…

        • Bob,
          Your name sounds very familiar.
          Do you remember the Dias brothers Joe and H Dias?
          We lived on Diman & Earle and later on Brook & Hathaway.
          We have lived in CA since 1967.
          How about Dairy Queen soft ice cream on Nash Rd across from Nash Rd Pond?

          • I lived on Newcombe St. just below Nashmont projects and that was King Kone,not Dairy Queen,before it closed,i remember it well.We got the pay phone that was in there after is was ransacked. I would go frog hunting and snapping turtle hunting at Nash Rd. pond and ice hockey in winter.I can still remember the sound of Chamberlains forges/presses at night in summer when we had the windows open.

        • Use to work there as well. Coffee frappes were the best.
          I’m trying to recall who was the pharmacist back then?
          I think his name might have been Mr. Ziemba?

      • Tammie Belliveau

        I loved Jerry’s fish and chips on Nash Rd. Yvettes on Ashley Blvd. Frates ice cream on Acushnet Ave. Good food Good memories

        • Frates! Such great times there, I wish these places could all come back just for one day


        • Jerry used to work at Roberts Mkt. a nice guy that made good fish & chips.

      • Wow, yes I remember these sites…spending much of my childhood in the south end, I most clearly remember the Cove Discount…My favorite memory, though, is TV Variety down on Brock Ave (much like Bob and Eileens)…penny candy and Topps baseball cards..and then playing ball at Clegg Field. Lets not forget Almacs, Finast and Boston Public Market which is now Shaws. Thanks, Joe, for bringing back some pretty damn good memories!!

        • Down the street from BPM was Cumberland Farms at the corner of I believe Ilion & Kempton then scross the street was the A&P market on North St which eventually became Silversteins and next door was Newport Creamery.

        • Grew up on Calumet St, and spent a lot of time at TV Variety, walking back and forth to Taylor School. Anyone remember Angelo’s Fish and Chips on Brock Ave, down by Ellen St or so?

    • S true. Best fish and chips I ever had

  2. Hey, I lived at 868 County St. also in the early 70’s & I went to Kinyon Campbell Business School at around the same time! I remember all the places you mentioned & loved those fish & chips, they were the best!! Bob at Bob & Eileen’s was the nicest person ever! I worked at that building too but was it call Forrest Hills at some point? Boy, what memories, thank you for posting this! Diann Smith

  3. Thanks Joe for the Memories, I worked as a teenager at Mars Bargainland for the Ceta Program it was alot of fun!

  4. I remember Mars bargainland extremely well. I lived on Collette street just in front of the place. My mother loved shopping for her groceries there, and they had the best customer service not seen around today.
    After you filled your shopping cart and paid for you items, they would bag and put them in a plastic crate/bin with a number on it’s side, and you would be handed the matching number on a hard card to take with you outside. They would send down your groceries down the rollers through a tunnel to the outside. You would then pull up your vehicle, hand an employee the hard card with your number and he would load your groceries in the car back for you. Great service! Nothing ever came up missing either. Ont he other side was clothing, small appliances, toys etc. Super Walmart before it’s time! With far better service. I also remember the months before their closing, I was about 16. I purchased many items for my future, and they’re still in use in my home today 🙂
    The customers were nice too. Oh and I won my first bike from one of their raffles, there was a picture of me displayed in the store as the big winner. I was about 9.
    Virginia Dare was a treat to go to. I also remember that place as if it was a year ago 😉 I miss the pineapple sado.

    • Amazing… I worked there. And was one of the guys who would have to ride down the parcel pickup chute to clear the occasional roller jams. I remember the store manager. Mr. Shea, and assistant manager Bob Burgess. Being from the south end, my fondest memories were with Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts, The raft at Municipal Beach and oh yeah… Howdy Burgers all located around the Cove Road area.
      Roland Camara, Salem, Oregon.

  5. Your description of Mars Bargainland is of Food Mart (I believe that was what it was called). Mars Bargainland was a department store that shared the same building, and I don’t believe Mars sold groceries. I, as well as my brothers, husband and sister-in-law worked at Mars in the 60’s and 70’s. You are correct that the food store was sort of a warehouse type store and it had conveyor belts where your groceries would head out of the store and be awaiting your car’s arrival at the curb to pick up your bargains! Mars Bargainland opened in the early 60’s and was a very desireable place for NB residents to shop…at the time NB didn’t have too many places to shop for household goods and fashions (Star Store and Arlan’s). Lots of happy memories shopping there when I was young and working there (my first job) as a teenager!

    • Mars Bargain land absolutely sold groceries. I believe the name changed to food mart after Mars.

      • Great story about Mars food store. I lived on Earle St near Brook St. I was about 5 or 6 and my mother and the our fist floor neighbor drove there on a Saturday to do “the store”. A couple hours later the car pulls up in front of the house. My father comes down to help bring in the groceries and I’m in the yard playing. They open the trunk and…no groceries. They were so busy gossiping that they left without them. For years we would never let them live that down. I remember it like it was yesterday.

      • Thank you bro… I was thinking i was wrong. But it WAS Mars Bargainland with groceries!

    • I worked at Mars Bargainland from 1972 to 1976, my first job. So many great people worked there… MIke Saltzman, Mae Perry, her daughter Ann, Lorraine Gelinas, Paul Galant, Steve Pickup, Susan and Janice Perry… met my wife there

      • Anthony, I just ready your comment now…so many great people worked there, and so many great relationships/marriages came from there. My brother met my sister-in-law, I met my husband, as you met your wife. Wait until I tell Paul after reading your comment above. We people who worked at Mars know that Food Mart was a separate store from Mars Bargainland. Food Mart’s entrance was located near where I worked in Domestic’s Department.

    • I grew up on county st in the 60s & 70s right next door to the Wonder Bread Bakery. I remember the guys that worked there would hand us fresh hot loaves of bread out the window. It was delicious. And I remember Mars. It was a department store back then. Good memories.

  6. Remember them all and I am almost 54. Also remember Arlan’s Department Store on Hathway Road in New Bedford. Graduated from the Old Voke on Hillman Street. And also ice skated at the Poor Farm in the South End in the Winter. Good times.

    • I was a South End girl and spent winter afternoons skating at the Poor Farm. We would walk home for supper then walk back to skate some more and go into the warming house and sit by the fire and look for our shoes under the benches.

    • Remember Arlan’s
      My aunt lived on Hillman St right down from St Lawrence Church

  7. Funny — I grew up in New Bedford and lived there for 24 years….then moved to Plymouth!!! and have lived here for 24 years!!! Still have family in NB and love New Bedford Guide!!!

  8. I remember all of those places. We used to go to Mitchell’s at least once a week. My dad was friends with them, I think they may have gone to school together (he grew up at 44 Reynolds Street). They served the fish with tea cakes, little rolls. My sister and I used to order Suicides to drink, just a mix of all the sodas. I think that is still the best fish n chips I have had outside England. It was big and airy but very homey. Everyone knew you. A great place for sure. And don’t forget the Table Talk Pie outlet on state road!

  9. What about COVE DISCOUNT in the south end???

    • That was a great place to shop! What about the coffee syrup right down there also was it called Silmo? And one other one, the soda bottling company in the Nash Rd. area called Virginia Dare?

    • I was going through some cleaning supplies under my parents sink while installing a new faucet a while ago and found a couple items with price tags from Cove Discount still on them. This was at least 15 years AFTER we left NB for Virginia. Good knows how long they were hanging around under the sink when we lived there.

    • I lived that place…also there was this corner store right next to the village ( bay village) just in case you didn’t know. Ha ha…what about when downtown was downtown Elaine t shirts,star store, and the peanut store….ohhhh could forget Mr donut w donuts on a stick but turned into dnd……what a shame

    • Going back further Levers fish and chips on Cove Road and they served Worthingtons Bakery tea cakes with it absolutely the bes fish and chips ever!!

    • The floors were like walking on a roller coaster!

  10. Wow what a blast from the past and the writer and I have a lot in common I was born in Plymouth Mass as well, and came to New Bedford at the same age. We can not forget the Sunbeam factory or discount bread store, a loaf of bread for a quarter or Foodmart before big stores like Market Basket what about Hot wheels were us kids always looked forward to going on the weekends there are so many old places and good memories I could go on and on as well but it was nice to see an article like this and get to remember the days when life was just a little simpler thanks for bringing me down memory lane greatly enjoyed it.

  11. Yes, that Arlans on Hathaway Rd., but first one was on Brook St. where the storage place is now.

    • OMG I didn’t think anyone remembered when Arlens was on Brook and Deane Streets. I can still see the inside like it was yesterday. Great memories of when my mom brought me shopping there…

      • I remember Arlans at Brook and Deane also.. didn’t they have an escalator? Also, on another post about Mars Bargainland. I too believe they had the grocery section before Food Mart.. my brother was one of the guys loading the groceries into the cars..

        • Lol i have a not so good memory of mars bargain i was in the lot playing ball w my uncle as my grandparemts shopped and i ran out to chase the ball as my uncle threw it to me and bang ran right into a yellow volkswagon bug ……remember like it was yesterday i was about 5 yrs old also went to st anthonys and remember ditching church and spending my donation change on penny candy at jansons pharmacy remember tje lime rickeys

  12. Being from the “Nord End”, north of Tarkiln Hill Road, I don’t remember all 5. But have my own. How about My Bread? Buying popcorn just inside the door at Arlans, Hammonds Fish and Chips, Yvettes and Dels Drive-ins. Anyone remember Miss Gamache’s gas station? Giguere’s and Senacal’s Pharmacies? Gendron’s Shoes owned by my father’s uncle or Ma’s Donuts another uncle’s? Brooklawn Park Story Land and ice skating? Sassaquin Pond? Frates Ice Cream? Then of course getting my Girl Scout uniforms at Star Store downtown. Thanks for the memories.
    Anyone have pictures of the old access to the New Bedford/Fairhaven Bridge? I remember driving down into a heavily shaded little dip in the road before heading up to the bridge.

    • Growing up near Brooklawn Park, so many of these places are familiar. I had forgotten about the Storyland part of Brooklawn Park. The airplane, maze, Humpty Dumpty, it was pretty run down but still went there to play. We had Aunt Mary’s on the Ave. for penny candy. Used to walk to Mars to buy records. There was Atlantic Mills where Market Basket is now. For awhile it moved to Church Street, but it wasn’t as good. Giguere’s pharmacy was near my dad’s gas station. I think Senecals’s was the one on the corner of Wood Street. My Aunt would buy me a chocolate turkey candy for Thanksgiving and a bunny on Easter. Also up near Giguere’s was the A & W drive-in. We would walk down Wood St. to Acushnet to turn in a wagon full of newspapers and cans to the scrap place, Martin’s I think? A little cash went a long way back then.

      • yes, laurie, there was an a

        yes, laurie, there was an A&W up near Frates. it started out as Dell;s drive in and contrary to what another poster said, you could also get a hot dog AND a hamburger there! lol! across the street from frates (and didn’t the little kids love opening and closing the automatic doors!) wh=as ted Johnson’s. my mom and aunt evelyn used to take my cousin and I there for chicken in a basket and orange-pineapple drink in a little carton. is chuck’s china inn still in the ” nord end”?

      • Hi Lorrie ; Where your aunt bought you the chocolate turkey candy for Thanksgiving and the chocolate bunny for Easter was known as Charlie’s Spa on the corner of Wood and Acushnet Ave. Good ole Charlie Pappas. Who remembers Charlie’s ? The best coffee frappes ever ! He made his own coffee syrup ! I grew up there as a kid in the 60s and early 70s. His chocolates for Christmas and Easter were legendary !

    • I lived on Chaffer st I know all of these people

    • I was raised in the north end as well, glad that some remembered Hammonds fish and chips! Can’t forget Fays Knotty Pine, best linguica pizza on earth. I also remember my parents dressing up on Saturday nights to go to Thads restaurant on Ashley Blvd with their friends, my dad in his fedora!!! As a shout out to a wonderful man (my dad) he owned the Teddy’s Texaco station corner of Hersom St and Ashley BLVD! Thank you for the memories!

      • OMG, I have recently been trying to remember the name of Hammond’s Fish and Chips in the North End on Acushnet Ave. heading toward Sassaquin. I lived on Wood ST. and on Hersom St. The folks who owned that Texaco staion on Ashley Blvd between the 2 sreets used to come to our neighborhood grocery store. The younger guy [maybe your dad] had red hair, and my father called him “Red”. I remember Yvette’s, too. Best coffee malted frappes in the area. riding down Belleville Ave. on a Sunday night with the baking bread aroma from Giust’s and My Bread/Sunbeam was delicious. Sometimes my father would bring home Chinese food from Young’s China near Baylies Square. It had brown sauce in the chow mein. I would have to say the best French meat pie was at Adam’s Restaurant, a sort of truck stop at Baylies Square. There was a ‘drive-in at the foot of Wood St. and the Avenue, though the name escapes me. And there was a farm with Shetland ponies nearby – of late the site of a CVS. I remember when Pony Boy ice cream was a cart pulled by actual ponies with bells on their harness in the late 40s. And the rag man who drove his horse and wagon down Hersom! Thanks for giving me the spot to spill out all of these wonderful memories.

        • I lived a block away from Hammonds Fish and Chip restaurant. Every Friday the neighborhood was filled with the wonderful scent. My parents would send me over to pick up take out. Back in the days of “no meat on friday” if u were catholic. Does anyone remember bayliss square sea grill?

          • Christine Cabral

            Hi Joy! My family owned Baylies Square Sea grille! It was started by my grandparents and then my mom and dad took it over until it closed! Its so nice to see people remember it!

    • Anderson Little was in that area near the bridge!

  13. I learned my very first lesson in honor and honesty sy Mars Bargain land. o was approx 4 yrs old and was shopping there with my parents. while standing as my parents were looking at some items I witnessed a man holding his wallet. then I saw a dollar bill fall from it onto the floor. I immediately thought to pick it up and give it back to the man as this was the spirit that I’d already had ingrained in me. BUT, within seconds I, still with hesitation, waited while the man walked away and scrambled to pick up the bill…mind you, this was around 1961 when a dollar held much more value. I felt immediate guilt but ran to my parents excitedly explaining how I had found it “just lying there”. they were happy and excited for me telling me I could spend it on anything I wanted! I shopped around and decided on a child sized aluminum folding chair. . ok, yes..I WAS a nerd even then. anyway, at home as the night wore on what I’d done began to bother me more and more. so you guessed it…I fessed up to mom & dad. we went thru a sort of Andy & Opie routine and after my parents discussed it they, just as Andy & Aunt Bee would have, ruled that I’d learned my lesson in integrety for the week and I got to keep the chair. Yup….good old Mars. who knew what you could learn about life there.

  14. Great memories of New Bedford! But before Kinyon-Campbell School was at the corner of County and Linden St. … the building was Holy Name Elementary School, grades 1 through 8… I know because I attended the school. Later it merged with Holy Family. No uniforms until after I graduated from 8th grade there. Now I’m showing my age!! That was my old neighborhood… and it was very safe then!

    • Hi Carol, what year did you graduate from Holy Name. I graduated in 1969.

    • I remember when it was Holy Name school. We as kids played street hockey in the yard. The walls of the school yard made it perfect to play hockey in. There was a huge Oak or Maple tree on the Linden St. side of the school. The Campbell business school was originally on Union Street and Pleasant above the Radio Station. I believe it started there then moved to the Holy Name site. Bob and Eileen’s was the greatest. We as kids bought all our whiffle balls there. The was a great neighborhood to grow up in.

  15. I remember Cove Discount on Cove Road in the South End. I don’t know exactly how long that building was open but I remember it from my childhood. I believe business died when Walmart came to town.

    • I worked at Cove Discount from 1980 to 1997. When it finally closed in 1998, it had been in business just short of 50 years.

  16. Foodmart was listed as being owned by Mars properties at the time. And you could walk from one to the other from the inside, that could be where I got my impression that foodmart was also called mars.

    • Anybody remember the old Coke Bottling Plant on Rte 6 across from Buttonwood Park !!!!!! also remember the origonal Arlan’s on Brook Street and BPM ( Brockton Public Market ) in downtown NB across from Star Store

      • We shopped at theB PM downtown! Remember the great bakery section as you walked in? Lunch counter too I think! Right next to the green stamp store!

      • I remember the Coca Cola plant with the big window in the front so that you could watch the bottles on the conveyor belt

  17. I am in search of a picture of Del’s Drive in up the Nord End on Acushnet Ave just south of Frates bottle. Does anyone have one to share?

    • No picture but a lot of memories of hanging out there in my 57 Chevy and messing with the car hops. Best frostiest Root Beer around!

    • Great memories of Del’s Drive-in.. you must also remember Yvette’s Drive-In on the Boulevard and Mt Pleasant Drive in as well… And Frates Ice Cream.. how about their home made coffee syrup… the best!

    • Here is your photo of Del’s, It was our favorite spot for fried clams.
      The other was McRay’s just past Lincoln Park. It was a tiny shack up a short dirt road on the right.


    • Here is my MacRay’s Fried Ckams story follow up. The original one was just past Lincoln Park on the right in Westport.

      I recall asking the original owner of Macray’s in the early 60’s why his fried clams were so much tastier than everyone else in the New Bedford area. He said that he used fresh clams that he shelled himself. Then he added that the deep frying time and temperature of the oil was critically important. He would not share his batter recipe. If the new MacRay’s uses the original family recipe and fresh whole belly clams they cannot go wrong. Best wishes! We are only sorry we that now we live so far away to enjoy them. Rick

      Click here for their current location.

      Hi Rick,
      I worked for the original Macray’s in Westport for the last 13 years they were open. I never saw them shuck their own clams. They got them from B&S Fisheries in Fall River and they came from Maryland. It is very rare to get Maryland clams now, however we did get some last summer and they were great!!

      I worked for them from 1973 to 1986 and that was their last year!

      115 Stafford Rd
      Tiverton R.I.
      United States

      Directions: From New Bedford
      Take RT 195 to exit 8A (Rt 81 South)
      Macray’s is about. 1 mile on the right.

      Welcome to the Macray’s Seafood II home page. Macray’s Seafood II was founded by Robert Lafleur in July of 1998. It was always my dream and goal as a teenager to own my ownk seafood restaurant when I worked at the original Macray’s in Westport. I’ve always enjoyed seafood, and I enjoy serving the public.

      Macray’s Seafood II aims to rekindle clam shack memories
      By Bruce Burdett – January 29, 2013 1531 0
      SHARE Facebook Twitter

      Macray’s TIVERTON — A seafood place with Westport roots that go way back has returned for a fresh start in Tiverton.

      Macray’s Seafood II, located at 115 Stafford Road, will open its doors to weekend customers this weekend with a menu that should bring back memories for customers of the first place on Route 6 in Westport and the second in Tiverton.

      “Very good, very simple,” says proprietor Bob Lafleur who is partnering with his wife Simone and friend Don Wach.

      The menu features fried clams and clambakes made with the same recipe that used to pack the place in Westport years ago, Mr. Lafleur said. They’ll also serve fried scallops, fried shrimp, fish and chips, and similar fare.

      Mr. Lafleur should know about that original recipe since he got his first job there at age 13.

      “I started out picking up papers out in the parking lot, then worked my way inside … Eventually they taught me to cook.”

      The original Westport Macray’s was launched in 1957 by Tom “Mac” McGreevy and Ray Therien — hence the name. When Ray left, Ed Haskell took his place in the partnership. Helped in part by Lincoln Park visitors, “the place was unbelievably popular back when I started. People would line up way out into the parking lot,” Mr. Lafleur said.

      The clamshack closed in 1992 but Mr. Lafleur had always dreamed of reopening it.

      That opportunity came when a building became available at 115 Stafford Road in Tiverton, a short distance south of the Massachusetts line.

      He reopened the business as Macray’s II with a menu much the same as the one he learned in Westport. It went great for awhile he said, “but after 9/11, business wasn’t the same anywhere. It became a real struggle.” Juggling another job, he hung in until 2007 when he finally shut down.

      “It was heartbreaking but we just weren’t making it,” he said.

      Since then, the location has been a revolving door of eateries — King’s Seafood, Samantha’s Seafood and Sharon’s Diner have given it a go there, all within the past five years.

      It became vacant again recently and, with urging from Mr. Wach, Mr. Lafleur decided to try again.

      “Times are better than a few years ago, people are starting to get out again,” and they think the timing is right to bring back Macray’s.

      “We are hoping that people remember how good it used to be,” he said. “It will be the same food they remember — a true clam shack.”

      They’ll be open Friday through Sunday only — “That’s when people are out for a ride, looking for something to eat.”

      Hours will be 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday; 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Macray’s II offers eat-in or takeout service.

  18. Janet (Santos) Brown

    I also went to Kinyon Campbell school in 1967. Shopped at Mars Barginland, worked on Friday nights at Mitchells. What about Frates Dairy. Loved that maple walnut ice cream. My dad would always get a chocolate frappe or a banana split, mom had maple walnut, my godmother Mercy liked the frozen pudding and my grandmothers loved the coffee ice cream. I lived down the south end and always shopped at the cove. What about the smell from Goodyear. That was something. Now all it is a big empty lot.

    Sure miss the Thursday night trip downtown. Didn’t do it to many times seeing that I spent most of my life at Lincoln Park training for my gold medal in proficiency and also competitive skating. Go Rollettes. RIP Stanley, Shirley and Charlie.

  19. Thought it was me that was confused…Glad you corrected this for me…I love to read this….

  20. Kresge’s downtown NB, Dotty’s Variety on Allen St., Mars Bargain land that was also on Dartmouth St.

  21. For me St. Anthonys church is a huge landmark. Every time I see it it’s like coming home. I grew up a block away & attended St. Anthony school which is now Global Learning Charter school. We used to smell the bread from the factory down the street. There’s also Yvettes on Ashley Blvd, Ma’s donuts on Belleville Ave. & Aerovox where my grandmother & dad worked. So many memories.

    • The Silver Range Restaurant on Acushnet Ave in the North end had great Fish an Chips, my whole family went every Fri nite the Mello family were great hosts.

      • Fish and Chips… when I was a kid in the ’50s lived on Ashley Blvd near Nash Road and remember Nash Fish Market on corner Acushnet Ave and Nash Road diagonally across from Nash Pharmacy… the best English style fish and chips… 25 cents for a piece of fish and the same for chips. My parents could feed the five of us for $1.50…

    • St. Anthony’s was home for me too. Lived in the neighborhood went to the elementary school, hung out at Penny’s on Acushnet Ave., Jason’s Pharmacy on Ashley Blvd. and Bullard St., The Capitol Theater…and McGees Photo and sports.
      Wow like it was yesterday…Do I know you? lol

  22. I grew up in the West End and for us penny candy and the best store was Lena’s Variety on Park St. around the corner from the laundry mat. She was the nicest lady, so sweet to all the kids and knew most of us by name. During the blizzard the plows dumped snow in the playground at Hathaway School and some of the braver kids jumped off the roof and surfed down the mountain! Walking downtown on Saturdays to take swimming lessons at the YWCA and then lunch at Kresge’s, then shopping at Cherry and Webb. I always saved some of my candy money to buy a Nancy Drew book upstairs at Saltmarshes. I could have wandered around there all day.

  23. Remember Cinema 140. I hear Building 19 is soon to be a memory too along with Shawmut Diner.

  24. I remember Mitchell’s Fish and Chips very well. It was on Cove Street across from the Hathaway (I think) Mill. I could look into it from my back yard on Welcome Street. Almost every Friday was Fish and chips. $.50 for a large order and $.35 for a small–wrapped to go in pages from The Standard Times. The owners or managers then were deffinitely English and my parents knew them well. I leftNB in 1960, so maybe they moved to County St. after that. Best fish and chips in the world!

  25. Used to go to Sadow’s with my mom when I needed a ‘fancy’ dress when I was little.

  26. Ketchem Traps was the old Clark Street School where I went for 5-6th grade. Hostess outlet was on Purchase Street north of Coggeshshall. Loved Mitchell’s and Bob & Eileen’s. Great neighborhood places. Does anyone remember Vic’s Shoe Hospital on Coggeshall Street or Sadow’s on Acushnet Avenue?

    • I actually worked at Mitchells for a summer while dating a waitress there named Cheryl. I was the French fry guy. Grew up on County St, then LaFrance Ct, then Clark St. Amazing place to live back in the 60’s. Playing touch football in the lot between Weld and LaFrance Ct. which was where my home was until it burned down in 1961. I have so many warm and wonderful memories of Weld and County Sts. it is nothing like that now. But I do go by every so often to rekindle the memories.

      • I remember it well Joe. We would play whiffle ball in that lot, the house lot next to Duffy’s house. We would play all day. I remember we would make go carts and use our sleds to go down LaFrance Ct. I travel through there a lot now and LaFrance Ct. seems so short where as a kid it looked so big. Great memories from there.

    • Yes i remember Sadow’s ,my aunt worked there for years,I remember the Capitol theater and the Arcade theater.I use to walk over to Steve”s fish and chips every friday .Penny candy ,i use to go to Woodies variety on the way to school or Cabral”s on mt.Pleasant and Sawyer.Back then kids were kids now a days there acting like there adults ,not to mention there to involved with electronics were as when were kids we found things to do,the rule of thumb at that time was children should be seen not heard,But there was allot of good memories ,wish i could go back in time,but ya cant at least we have the memories that will always be with us

    • Hi Karen: I remember Vic’s Shoe Hospital. Got “good clothes” at Sadows. We lived for a while on Bentley St. in the early 50’s. and my dad owned a business on Coggeshall St., Masse’s Machine Co. Used to go to the Center or Capital theater every Saturday for two films! We then moved to Central Ave. a little further north. Went to St Anthonys, Normandin, the old Voke, and New Bedford High School. My sister went to Lincoln School, Normandin, and the old Voke. Finished my education and moved to Paducah, KY in 1975. Been here ever since. Great little town that seems a lot like New Bedford when I was growing up there. Thinking about retirement “some day” and maybe take a little trip down to the Gulf Coast. Still miss the ocean!

    • Hi Karen: I do remember Vic’s Shoe Hospital. We got “good clothes” at Sadows. We lived on Bentley St. in the early 50’s. My dad owned a business on Coggeshall St. Masse’s Machine Co. We moved to Central Ave. in 1955. I remember going to Cedar Grove, Phillips Ave., St. Anthonys, Normandin, the old Voke, and New Bedford High School. My sister attended Lincoln, Normandin, and the old Voke. Finished my education and moved to Paducah, KY in 1975. Been here ever since. A very nice little town that reminds me of New Bedford when I grew up there. Thinking about retirement “some day” and relocating to the Gulf Coast. Lots of great memories on this website!

  27. I’ve been away from New Bedford too long but, I remember Horta’s fish market down the street from my grandmother’s house on Ashley street. Also remember a video game place caddy corner from the NewBedford house of Pizza. There was also a grey sand BMX track behind a Mill complex at the base of Ashley St.

  28. Omg, some of those posts made me want to cry. I moved away in 91, but i remember almost all those places. Grew up near brooklawn park. Many memories of hanging out there. O am Sad to heat about shawmut dinner and i did love eating at the silver range. They had the best veal cutlets. Thanks everyone for the comments, made my day.

  29. Mars Bargainland was quite a place. What I loved about it was the record section: it rocked! I bought most of my Beatles’ collection there back when an album cost $3.98. ( and you had to pick between mono and stereo) How I wish I had bought some of their 45’s, too.

    I lived in Acushnet near Lund’s Corner to my fish and chip joint was Haslam’s at Balls Corner…ordering was easy (4 and 3 or 3 and 2): everything was wrapped in the (sub) Standard Times And in spite of the 10 minute bike ride home,MIT was always steamy when you opened the bag. (Pop Casey’s was an Acushnet thing but they were and are way too greasy to be called good fish and chips…I stay away!)

    Then there was the ORIGINAL Knotty Pine at Lund’s Corner. The crispest crust and wonderful toppings. This hole in the wall had about 4 booths and a take out business that was robust. And real knotty pine walls that gave it charm. Nothing like Fay’s: much better!

    Who can forget the A&P and Armand’s(?) grocery at opposite corners. Or “credit” given when you shopped for your food? Pay by the following Friday or you’re shut off!

    Finally, the other “institution” there was Lang’s Shoe Repair. The old geezer had all his equipment out for all to see: a Hugh drive belt powered everything. And the smell of leather and polish took over the second you approached the door. A wonderful shop that saved many a good pair of shoes (made in the USA!)

    One last memory: the OLD St. Casimir’s near Wood Street was a gem, with its imitation Polish icons and tin walls. My dad would attend the Polish masses and I’d just look in amazement at the surroundings. How the Diocese could have torn it down to install a plain vanilla building is quite beyond me. it should have been on an historic register!

  30. I worked at Mitchell’s Fish & Chips throughout high school (1958-62). It was owned by Bill Mitchell (who was not from England). They were only open on only on Fridays and Saturdays. He was a great guy to work for and the money was pretty good for a kid in high school. Most of his business was takeout, and yes they did wrap it in newspaper. They also had great stuffed quahogs.

  31. While you are correct about Bob And Eileen’s, I just wanted to say that It is actually Jeff Antil that owns Antils in Fairhaven. Jeff is Bob’s son and has owned and operated Antils Variety in Fairhaven since we’ll before his parents retired and sold Bob and Eileen’s.

    • I too have known the Antil family most of my life. Great people. Grew up with Jeff’s cousin Steve Baptiste and his wonderful family. They treated me like a son and had me over on weekends. I will never forget that family and all they meant to me.

  32. My parent’s owned Dotty’s Variety Store on Allen St. for 18 years. My brother and I grew up there, selling penny candy and hauling flowers out front to sell for Memorial Day. Lots of memories!

  33. Enjoy reading everything lived on Mitchell St. across from Market Basket where I was born, my family own Chippy’s of Dartmouth until my brother Gus was murdered there in 1980, moved to Florida, 1993 but remember all of these places thanks for the memories.

    • Nicolas G. Tavenner

      Anyone out there remember “Ronnies Pet Shop on Acushnet Ave., just north of Sawyer Street? Or How about the German Club, where they used to have truckloads of racing pigeons waiting for transport to Ohio for the 600 miler?
      As I recall Ronie had two big Doberman pincher dogs would sit stolidly at the left and right upper landing of a quite wide , splayed at the bottom and top stair case. It seemed like a seen from an Al Capone movie.
      The german club was on Adams street . There now is a bland ly colored yellow cement housing complex. As i remember it it was a very large parcel with a two story spacious gentlemans club with a large unpaved lot sparsely populated with very old and large acorn or Elm trees.
      I was born in Boston, moved to New Bedford when I was two and was having “Dirt Bomb” wars with friends in the untarred roadbed of 195 when i was around 4 or 5.

    • Hello Amelia, I was a member of the NBHS soccer team with your brother Jack we won the New England Championship in 1971. He was an amazing player and a great teammate.

  34. Great mwmories know i am not all that old but from my chikd hood to now…there has been some beloved land marks come in gone in the north end. Does any one remember the name of the hospital that is now a nursing home in sassiquin area? It was such a great place and very friendly staff….or for penny candy aunt millies? There was and still might be the bmx track behind the old hospital now nusing home too…lindin’s still there but has passed hands…or pulaski park which is still there but sooo hurting for some tlc…and the nature trails be hind the park and school?

  35. I was wondering when someone was going to mention that before Kinyon Campbell School , Holy Name School was at the Corner of County and Linden. I went to both. I think Kinyon School was downtown before it merged. In Sassaquin there was a Hospital named Union Hospital and I believe it was also Sassaquin Hospital. I think it was a Hospital of another name at one time too.

  36. Mitchell’s was not on County Street, it was on Cove St. (Not Cove Rd) near the Hathaway Mill. Remember “Lenny’s Soda Shop” On the Corner of County ST.
    and Cove St.? That was my Aunt’s Store. (Mary Baptist). My uncle owned and ran
    Pacheco’s Hardware, originally on Water Street then it moved to Rivet street in the

  37. Mitchell’s fish ‘n’ Chips was not on County Street, it was on Cove St. (Not Cove Rd) near the Hathaway Mill. Remember “Lenny’s Soda Shop” On the Corner of County ST.and Cove St.? That was my Aunt’s Store. (Mary Baptist). My uncle owned and ran Pacheco’s Hardware, originally on Water Street then it moved to Rivet street in the 70′s. I too miss Mitchell’s

    • Sorry Ken, Bill Mitchell had his fish n chip store on the corner of County and Weld Streets for a number of years. Now whether he owned another I’m not sure but I worked there for a summer and remember it well. It had 2 or 3 apartments above it where my friend Bob Bodeau lived. The building was sort of brown shingles with dark green trimming and their was some stone steps in front and at the side door. Mr Mitchells mom actually lived adjacent to it. I believe her name was Margaret Mitchell.

      • Yes, Bill Mitchell’s Fish and Chip was On County and Weld. I lived at 185 Weld street which was right above it on 2nd floor and the Bodeau’s lived on third floor.

        • Then there were two Mitchell’s Fish and Chips, I was born in 1937 and
          always knew of the one on Cove St until I moved to California in the mid 50’s and it was still there when I visited in the 70’s.

      • I was born in 1937 and there was a Mitchell’s Fish & Chips on Cove St. and it was still there when I visited in 1960.

        Maybe your Mitchell’s is just a different Mitchell’s but most of the South End
        went to Mitchell’s Fish & Chips on Cove St.

        We also had the great “Orpheum Theater”.

      • Billy Mitchel’s Fish & Chips was on the corner of County and Weld Sts. and I went many Fridays there.
        and I knew Billy fairly well though he was older than I.

  38. Garrett Cormier

    Wow. Great memories. Growing up in the north end in the 70’s was great. ;
    Frates, Yvette’s, Almacs and green stamps. And who can forget the conveyor belt to bring your groceries outside to put in your car. And it may the the Frenchman in me but what about LaCompte’s market for fresh guton. My Mom would make me walk there and keep the change I got back for doing it.

  39. Walter J. Sylvia

    Lived at the bottom of Coffin Ave. and played in this parking lot,and behind these mills back in the 60s’-1970s. My father’s side of the family had been here in New Bedford,since the late 1800s’. Portuguese whalers,fisherman,and factory workers.

  40. I remember all through most of the eighties, my mom would take us to Mars Bargainland ,sometimes she would leave us to play at Riverside park till she was finished shopping ,when I would go with her & my brothers,she would take us to the snack bar & buy us hot dogs on toasted buns with mustard & onions …they were so good that now I love making them for myself every now & then…
    I went one day with her one day and left my purple My Little Pony wallet on the gumball machines ,I was nine …my mom was mad cause she gave me my social security card to put in it ,eventually she forgave me but I will always remember my brothers & I playing in the round clothes racks & hiding from my mom 🙂

  41. I remember going to Howdys for a Big B then heading to the Playdium for some bowling. Anyone remember Mammoth Mart ? I think it was on Kings Highway but I’m not sure. Hot Diggity Dog on County street was great for a Pac-Man burger.

  42. Hi, I didn’t grow up in New Bedford but my Dad and his family did. They lived on Princeton St. We spent every summer at Long Pond and lots of holidays in New Bedford, Acushnet & Fairhaven amongst others. I remember the 1st time my brother and I were old enough to walk by ourselves – my uncle gave us walking directions to go to Baily’s Square to my “cousins” hotdog stand “Dee’s Hotdogs”. When we got there I remember thinking, “wow Uncle Tommy doesn’t know the difference between a square and a triangle”. My other “cousin” owned the restaurant right next to Dee’s but can’t remember what it was called. She made fabulous Linguica and cheese omelets. Yvettes was must stop every time we were in town for the fried belly clams. We always stopped at the Whaler to bring home 2 dozen stuffed quahogs. My Dad also never left town without picking up coffee syrup, skin franks and little pickled onions in a jar. These things you could not get in NJ. One of my Dad’s friend “Uncle” Norman owned Blue Bird Taxi they lived over on Earle St. Wow I haven’t thought about them in years!

  43. I remember going shopping with my mother at Fairhaven Mills at the Market Basket location. Also remember King Kone soft ice cream on Nash Rd. across from the pond.

  44. Everyone always talks about Mars Bargainland on Belleville Ave…I grew up in the south end, so what about the Mars Bargainland in south Dartmouth where Big Value Outlet is now…that is the Mars I remember. I remenber behind the old Stop and Shop in the south end (near where the Jiffy Lube and McDonalds is now)had the best hill to go sledding. What about Lum’s Restaurant? I loved there open faced roast beef sandwhich. Clark’s Cove had good seafood. Chippy’s in Dartmouth was also a great place for seafood. Goobas pharmacy who in the 80’s you could still go to the back of the pharmacy and get milk shakes, frappes and fountain soda. The old McDonald’s in south dartmouth with the outside play area the has Mayor McCheese that you climb up a ladder and could crawl around the area where the burger would be that had bars around it or you could venture a little higher into the hat. Maybe it was the McDonald’s cop and not mayor McCheese. I do remember Cove Discount and while all the kids would make fun of it, we all secretly knew we all went there. I used to love going there with my Vavoa and wearing” dress shoes” or my tap shoes to make the clicky noise on the unfinished wooden floor. Dairy Maid is still there but I have fond memories there seeing as I lived like 2-3 blocks away. Also chasing the ice cream man for a 45 cent snow cone. There was also Sunnybrook Farms which I believe was the little corner store on the corner of Hemlock St. and Rockdale Ave. I lived 3 houses down on Hemlock St. It is now Neto Insurance. I remember them building it. Dunbar School which is now closed is where I went to school and we had the best principal Mrs. Worden who alway had the best plays every year. I remember when going downtown for 4th of July was a big deal and there were pie eating contest and watermelon eating contests and all kinds of festivities during the day followed by fireworks going off to the music the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra played. I was born in 1977 and the 80’s were a great time to live in NB when you could leave car doors unlocked, play outside without your parents worrying where you were and where you got called in for supper by your mom yelling your names out the window.

    • Hey Melissa! I remember everything you mentioned, and I went to Dunbar too. Was in many of Mrs. Worden’s plays lol. What a blast from the past…thanks for sharing!

  45. Remember martys and tina restaurant!

  46. I worked at Kinyon-Campbell Business School from 1989 until it closed in 1999 a very sad loss for New Bedford, Drove by Bob & Eileen’s on the way to work every day,…. There was some connection between the former owners of Kinyon-Campbell and a fish-and-chip place, which I had heard some of the “old timers” talk about; not sure what it was, Maybe the one referred to in the article. I started a Kinyon-Campbell Memories Page on Facebook. Those 10 years have wonderful memories for me.

  47. anyone remember Mammoth Mart at kings highway?

  48. definately remember all the above I lived on County st for about a year as a child in “74”. We moved about the city a lot ,mostly north end. Even went to school at Clark st school, Coggshall st school and Hayden-McFadden , 2 of the 3 don’t even exist any more. I love the articles here that help us reminisce about days when life was much simpler thanks and keep writing

  49. Grew up at Nash Rd and Brook Street. I remember Santa arriving at Mars via a fire truck and eveybody getting a gift from him. Attended St. Anthony’s Elem. School the Voc-Tec. Ashame how the Ave & Blvd resembles a war zone now. All the mills that once were working are now empty. Moved away in 80. Everytime I visit it saddens me on how this jewel has been left to decline year after year. Those were such memories and such a great time to be a kid. New Bedford was such a nice place. At least they still have PaRaffa’s and the hot dog place on the Ave.

  50. i remember the coast guard glass dome at the pier

  51. What i miss this time of the year are the fire works they had at Lincoln Park for the 4’th of July.The smell of the fried foods,the music from the pavilion,and getting the girl i was with on the haunted house ride,haha. I really think if kids these days had the opportunities we had in the 60’s- 70’s-early 80’s, there might be less trouble in the streets these days.That’s something my father would say,,,,,OMG i sound old,,lol.

  52. Debbie Souza-Chaffee

    I haven’t lived in New Bedford for many years. But I do remember Boyle Brothers. They had some pretty classy clothes there. After I got married I had my own charge account there. Gosh I miss it!

  53. Who remembers when after the feast ended, people would walk south on Belleville Ave. and they would have fireworks down at Riverside Parks.

  54. I would have to say I miss Cove Discount, A&W Drive In (in Fairhaven), and just before crossing over the bridge was the A&P Store, and Woolworth’s next door to it, and you could look at the Paul Revere Rider sign across the water looking North, WBSM when they buried Cuzzin Dave in a plexiglass box outside the station…all good memories of this area.

  55. I remember Jerry’s Fish and Chips on Nash Rd and Brook Street, and Virginia Dare soda, and Hot Diggety Dog lol on the Corner of Nash Rd and Church Street, now a car lot – what a shame all the great places as a kid gone, but not forgotten.

  56. Growing up as a kid with that stupid hat and no matching clothes or jacket back in the 60s and early 70s was great ! Remember when we all WALKED to school ? Who remembers F.J.W market on the corner of Wood St and Acushenet Ave ? Do you remember Dave’s Dairy Bar and Norm’s Fish and Chip across from the duck pond at Brooklawn park ? Come on, folks. Who remembers Marty and Tina’s Fish and Chips on the corner of Belleville Ave and Sylvia street a way up the north end ? Do you remember Med X on King’s highway near the Mammouth Mart ? What about Asmount ? NHD ? Hammonds Fish and Chips ? A&W up the north end where the car wash is now ? Frates Dairy Bottle ? King of Pizza ? Brooklawn Park ice skating and the warming house ?? Who remembers Happy Jacks Burgers way up the north end near route 140 where Walgreens is now ? Some years later it turned into the Portuguese Shanty…! What about Burger Chef on Mt. Pleasant St ? And the list goes on… Those were the days !!!

  57. So many great memories have been mentioned….here are some more…..shawmut diner on Hathaway Rd. Had
    99 cent homemade dinners…we ate there every night…….what about the Friday dances at the YMCA….my sister and I spun the records with another friend…..what fun that was!…tennis at Buttonwood Park…Fish and Chips at Jerry’s……..night skating at Buttonwood Park and having hot chocolate in the warming house….such fun!!!!

  58. Let’s go back to the 40’s in the North end: Acushnet Ave. , Jardin’s PoolRoom, Nash Clothing Store, Bettencourt’s Pharmacy, Charlie’s Hot Dog Stand (still there, I am told), Capitol Theater with “The Mark of Zorro” playing with a block long line waitlng to get in (all the girls were crazy over Tyrone Power, hell there were Portagee guys everywhere in town every bit as good looking). Huge celebration and parade on Acushnet Ave., when the war in the Pacific ended (VJ Day), Trolley cars, Phillips Avenue School with Miss Kelly, Miss Shea, Miss Sullivan, (were all the teachers Irish?). Left in ’52 and never went back.

  59. I remember Arlan’s Dept. Store…We thought we were going to “DisneyWorld” going there when I was a kid…just to ride up and down the escalator was a blast…can you imagine? Also, does anyone remember Jerry’s Fish & Chips on Nash Road? They had great fish and chips and me and my dad would stand in line to get it every Friday…they put both the fish and the chips in newspaper, and sent you on your way…Newspaper…Wow…never died from that!!! Does anyone remember before the highway was built in New Bedford, near Buttonwood Park? Route 140/Used to be a small eating establishment by the name of Buttonwood Grille there, that later moved up the street across from Bishop Stang. I remember, because my older sister’s first job was waitressing there, and my dad had friends who worked in a big brick factory to the left of the Grille. Great memories…wouldn’t trade them for the world!! Also, the warming house at Buttonwood Park…that big huge fireplace all light up to warm up your toes, and I seem to remember Hot Chocolate too. We used to walk there, since we lived right above the cemetery on Route 6. How about Gulf Hill in South Dartmouth? Another place we would go sort of like a mini vacation…watched the cows being milked, and had great ice cream…and my dad would never bring us anywhere near the “Milk Bottle” at Frate’s in the North End on Acushnet Avenue, unless he had intentions of buying us all (7) ice cream cones. As soon as we would see that bottle, we knew, KNEW, we were getting ice cream.. Miss him, and miss all the fun places we had back in the 50’s & 60’s. Kids have no idea what they are missing now…too sad. And, last but not least. Easter Egg hunting at Buttonwood Park…I always wondered how they got so many eggs in that park, used to think they dropped them out of a helicopter, seriously…we’d have a big bag full by the end of the morning…Hello cavities!!

  60. And just to add another nostalgic (sp?) memory…Christmas time, and driving all around New Bedford, and Dartmouth just to look at all the houses decorated to the nines for the holidays..Wonderful memories…

    • And Christmas time in the old downtown where the crowds of shoppers were massive(before any mall was anywhere)…decorations,Santa walking around,the Peanut Store…miss those days big time.

    • Maywood st. in nb., between ashley blvd. and church st.,that was the street and surrounding streets would compete for the best christmas lighting.

  61. I remember all of the places that everyone has talked about!! It was a wonderful time then! Now New Bedford is horrible!!!! SO many drug addicts,deaths,and many other very bad things are happening!!! What a world today!!!!! Would give anything to go back to the old days!!!!Even when you go walking you see stores that have bars on the windows,especially around the area on the avenue. SUCH A SHAME NOW!!! The people in office should be ashamed,NEW BEDFORD WAS A BEAUTIFUL CITY BEFORE NOT NOW!!!! People are afraid to go out at night now!! ALL I CAN SAY NOW: IS WHAT A WORLD!!!!! Thats all!!! I wish the olden days would come back!!!!!

  62. I love reading this site! I was raised on Tinkham St. in the North end. Went to St. Killians School from 1st grade thru 8th. Graduated from there in 1951. Lots of great memories, was a great time to be a kid. Spent
    many a Saturday at the Capitol theater ,for 10 cents,and saw 2 full length movies, cartoons, newsreels and coming attractions! not bad for a dime, hehe!! I remember Jerry’s on Nash Rd and I believe there was a French meat pie bakery there also, Anyone remember at Halloween time, there was no trick or treating then, we would get all dressed up in our costumes and our parents would take us to Acushnet Ave and walk up and down, seeing everyone in their costumes. The store owners would let you wax their storefront windows, as long as you used a bar of soap! The next day all they had to do was wash the windows, no harm done…..
    We played baseball in the street, sledded on the street in the winter, and even had enough sense to get out of the road when a car came, imagine that!! And you had better be in the house when the street lights came on. I could go on & on, Ashley Blvd drugstore, on the corner of Ashley Blvd & Tinkham St. That’s where all the teenage boys hung out! And they had a soda fountain also. Anyone remember Mr. Spirlet, the shoe cobbler on Church St? What a sweet old man he was. Love these articles, keep them coming.

  63. I like the comment on a couple of important facts that you left out on your favorite landmarks remembered the first of which is Bob and Eileen’s you did leave out that they were a family owned business who were peers in their neighborhood if a family came in and didn’t have the money to pay for the necessary supplies that they needed Bob would allow them to have credit in the store knowing full well that some of them would not be able to pay the bill when promised and through the years continue to provide to the community on many many occasions my family was one of those families who benefited from his generosity I was only about 5 or 6 yrs. old then. Thank You to the Anctil family they will never be forgotten

  64. I go back to the Fairhaven Mills days with their warped floors. My grandmother would take me there to get a toy and the popcorn..then we had the New England Telephone store across from the former 3rd district court house…and how can anybody forget Maxie’s Deli downtown? Best sandwiches on bulky rolls ever. Good ol’ Tom was there like clockwork at 4AM everyday. I could go on and on……

  65. Wow! Been years since I made coffee freezes & frappes at my families pharmacy!
    Nice to see some people remember it, my dad (Larry) and his dad (Oliver) ran Giguere’s Pharmacy from about 1920 till closing it in the mid 1980’s.
    Thanks for the nice comments ,I’m sure their both smiling down and thank you too.

  66. Hi Everyone! I certainly do remember many wonderful Saturday Family night dinners at Ted Johnson’s Restaurant in New Bedford’s North End. His lovely wife Lillian would always be the hostess. Their orange drink was always special to my sister and me. What a great all time Family Restaurant for so many “Seniors” in their book of memories. Let’s not forget Hammond’s Fish and Chips on Ashley Blvd. as they certainly were a close second to Jerry’s. You can’t begin to get such good seafood in Ft. Myers, FL today nor can anyone ever duplicate the fantastic thin crust pizza that is still served at my all time fave Pa Raffa’s (much enjoyed everytime we come home to visit ). Once a ” MA Girl”—always a ” MA Girl”. We plan to return home after our “extended vacation in FL.”

  67. Mars Bargainland. Wrangler jeans for $3.58. The gas price war between Merit Gas on Acushnet Ave and the one across from Mars. Price? 25 cents a gallon!

  68. How about Gendrons shoe store on the ave.? My mom got my pro-keds or converse there all the time

  69. Anyone recall Jimmy Connors one block west of VOKE on Hillman Street?
    It was our Happy Days diner.
    Last time I checked on YouTube Jimmy Connors was living in Fairhaven.
    He was quite a famous NB boxer.

    Rick Dias NBVHS 65
    Hello from San Diego!

  70. I really believe that our 1959 7th -8th grade Normandin Gang invented Cherry Coke.
    That was before it was ever heard of in a bottle or can.
    On the way home from Normandin we would stop in at the Pharmcy on Central Ave and the Avenue and order a coke with a squirt of Cherry syrup. I believe it cost a dime.
    Pretty soon everyone was drinking Cherry Coke after school and then someone ordered Vanilla Coke.
    Trendy times for crazy junior high kids.


  71. Anyone remember Willow Tree near Lincoln School on the BLVD?

    How about 50 cent Chow Mein Sandwiches at the Chinese Restaurant (almost)
    kitty corner from the downtown Union St Railway bus lines?

  72. Senecal’s was on Lunds corner where the medicine shoppe is,or was,right on the north/east corner of Tarkiln Hill Rd.,across from Joe’s tire,, best coffee frappes ever, and i remember Charlies,where subway is now on the corner of wood st. and the ave.,,,he had a pinball machine towards the back,we would go after school and play and drink his great frappes also,, i loved coffee frappes,lol.

  73. Donna (Watson) King

    Is this Mary Costa from Brickenwood?

  74. This is awesome! Memory Lane… Had forgotten about alot of these places. My favorite was Sig Mittens (spelling?) Bakery on Union Street. I can still takes those cupcakes!!

  75. Does anyone remember the Paulding Company? I remember sledding at Brooklawn Park near the library and thinking it was the biggest hill in the world.

  76. Cal’s and Val’s North end

  77. Jumoin Jack Hamburgers. North End

  78. Great 70’s North End memories!!!.Lincoln School ,Willow Tree across the street,Full service Shell Gas Station (Store 24).Gerry’s Variety on the corner of Bellville Rd and The Blvd.The gas station across from Gerry’s(can’t recall the name) that sold bicycles out front.Got my first Apollo 3 speed there!!Arcade Theatre,Costa’s Variety on the square.Young China,best Chinese food around.Bettencourt Pharmacy,best coffee freeze.And ,across the street,the original Charlies Hot Dog Stand.My Dad Bought Charlie’s Hot Dogs on Hathaway St and The Ave from old man Charlie in the 50’s,before it was a “hot dog stand.”He built the existing building and bought the two surrounding 3 decker houses bordering it.Owned it through the early 80’s.Good old days gone forever.
    Moved to Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast in ’93 ……but New Bedford will always be home to me.

  79. Barbara Roche livezey…many great memories of fairhave. And New Bedford. I am 81….. went to movies on tuesday nights for a dish for my aunt the spa after for ice cream. Friday night shopping in a +p with sawdust floors. The sea gull bar for steamed clams…frates for ice cream but across the street to Barbara’s grill for a chop suey sandwich for me…stuffed clams and Charles s Anthony school…lots more memories and lived on sycamore street…great memories.

  80. Oh so many memories of the North End, Lemaires Market ,corner of Irvington and Ashley Blvd.with Credit tabs that you could pay later.tabs. Melanson’s Spa, a variety store none like it, Pete even got a jukebox later on. The Brown Jug and a Chinese restaurant next to it and a fish and chip place next to the Chinese restaurant with the fish batter fried and wrapped in newspaper. I don’t remember their names. Then on the way to Horseneck Beach there was the Melody Wagon a vehicle with stuffed quahogs that made your mouth water. I remeber going to the Capital Theater on Saturday matinees for fifteen cents and people sneaking in to Baylies Square theater by the side door. OH THOSE DAYS!

  81. Thanks for all these memories, which I’m sharing with my husband.
    He was born in 1934 in a house at 34 Rutland St.
    I was doing a search on Senecal’s.
    It and Frates were 2 favorite hang-outs.
    Although the family moved to Florida after WWII they would go up to visit relatives, one being “Auntie Hester” Poole on Achushnet Rd.
    The Portuguese Shanty and Tom’s Chinese restaurant were must visits. We always had to have meat pies and fish & chips during our stay. The kale soup with linguiça was great! I discovered Portuguese sweet bread, and brought it back to the office (in Maryland). A colleague who was from Hawaii was surprised to see it because she thought it only came from her state! This was back in 1978 or so, before “Hawaii bread” was widespread. Thank you, Portuguese sailors, for spreading this tasty bread across the hemisphere!
    We always had to walk the waterfront and visit the whaling museum and seaman’s bethel.
    Thanks for letting me share!

  82. I remember the Ringling brothers Barnum and Baily circus coming up the hill with elephants pulling everything. Mr. Gargantua was the gorilla. Baby Irene was the heavy lady. It was on the grass where the Coka Cola lot was.
    Elephants erected the big top. I was 6 in 1946.
    Lincoln park speaks for itself.

  83. Revere Copper and Brass. The lighthouse at the city parking lot. Lane tavern
    Al Cassidy’s variety store Reed street. Poor farm. Acushnet park ballroom and Custer cars across from East beach (no bathing suits allowed.) Pony Rides Buttonwood Park near Coka Cola pant..
    Schuster’s variety Rockdale Ave.

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