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Father and son concerned about trash due to water park in the south end of New Bedford


If you live in the south end of New Bedford, have you seen an increase of trash in the area of the floating waterpark?

“The news didn’t get the whole story. My dad likes the idea of the water park for the kids. He has 5 grandchildren that live in the neighborhood. He just wants them to have things in place to hold people accountable.” – Adam DeMedeiros

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  1. Some people want to ruin everything

  2. Don’t blame the Water Park for the trash. People on the beach are to blame. I’ve seen people leave trash and don’t pick up.

  3. The amount of time it took to make the video you could have picked the trash up.

  4. There has always been trash issues, at the South End beaches during the summer season. Blaming it on the water park is ridiculous. Is it the trash, or the growing number of minorities using the public beach, that is making some of these home owners upset?

  5. The seagulls pull bags out of the trash cans that has nothing to do with the water park

  6. That is what every single trash can in New Bedford looks like. It has nothing to do with the water park. And it’s not 20 bucks for a half n hour it’s actually an hour. Also, the birds pull the trash out of the trash cans to eat it. Ppl just going by and who go to the beach litter. I also live on East Rodney and there is more trash in the road outside in front of my house from ppl driving by than there is near that trash can. U get the picture now.???!!!???

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