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Family seeks public’s help in finding missing Massachusetts teen


“I can’t believe I have to post this but every little bit helps.

My daughter, Ryleigh Johnson is missing. She was last seen at my house in East Taunton on the evening of Thursday, November 7th. She disappeared in the middle of the night, we believe of her own accord, and is with an unknown person or persons.

She has Type I diabetes and does not have enough medication to survive more than a few days. Her family and friends are desperate to find her.

Ryleigh, if you’re reading this, please know you are loved and that all of this can be worked out. Please come home.

If you have ANY information as to her whereabouts, please contact me @ 7742265184 or the TAUNTON Police Dept.” -Jen Johnson.

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  1. If for whatever reason right now you don’t want to go home at least call daily, to let them know you’re okay… and things can always be worked out. When you become a parent you’ll understand, not knowing your child is safe is unbearable… good luck!

  2. I just got my daughter back home from dcf and she was running from transition home. I couldnt sleep and running all over brockton trying to find her.

    I really feel so bad for you and your family because they are so loved and when this type of stuff happens all the arguments and grudges mean nothing you just want them home loved and safe.

    Sorry and I will pray for your situation. ?????

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