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Family owned and operated, Long Moving and Storage offers safe, friendly, and affordable services to the South Coast and beyond


Having injured my back permanently and utilizing a moving and storage service for my mom’s belongings when she passed away, I know through direct experience how much of a boon a moving company or storage space can be. Just imagining spending hours over the course of many days moving boxes, books, and furniture is giving me flashbacks. Never again.

Once I saw how convenient and useful a moving company was, I couldn’t picture doing it myself. While we here in New England are a hearty bunch and don’t mind a little Yankee elbow grease or helping out a pal with moving, it is worth every single penny spent to have it done for you. You don’t have to ask anyone for the favor. You don’t have to strain your back. You don’t have to take time off from work. You don’t have to get exhausted and earn some new bumps and bruises. And you certainly don’t need to be stressed out.

It really is worth every red cent…as long as it’s affordable and your belongings are safe, secure and treated like what they are: your precious belongings. Imagine a company that is experienced, affordable, knows the ins and outs of every aspect, trusted and efficient? You don’t have to imagine – family owned and operated, Long Moving and Storage LLC of Westport has been serving the area with quality service and has earned a reputation as the One Stop Shop for all of your moving and storage needs. Although the business itself is relatively new, Long Moving & Storage LLC has strong roots in the industry, offering a quality moving service to the region since the 1860s. Yes, the 1860s! Mention New Bedford Guide and receive a $50 discount off of your total invoice.

The sense of pride that goes into the family’s business goes back to a time, generations before, as does their solid reputation.

CEO Carmel Wills Long and Relocation Specialist Perry Long are leaders of a team of knowledgeable and experienced movers who are determined to provide you with a stress-free move. Carmel is proud to say that she has done it all over the years, e.g. local and long distance moves, for residential to corporate. Need something cleaned out? Check. Need packing items and materials? Check. Need it brought to storage? Check.

Want it done in a timely fashion, safely and at an affordable rate? That is something that the family has built their reputation on and continue to stake it on. These are not a bunch of lunkheads who muscle your furniture onto a truck. They are professional and friendly – that is customer service that is a tradition the family has successfully carried from generations before to today.

Perry, himself learned the industry working for a moving company in the Boston Area – where the pace, hardwork and frequency of jobs is difficult for most. You raise your game there or you get chewed up and spit out. Deliver people’s possession scratched and broken? Then, guess what, there are 50 other companies willing to take your place. Try to take advantage of people in a weak spot and overcharge them? Your reputation will spread and you’ll find yourself out of work.

Both Perry and Carmel felt something was missing though, or rather something could be added to enhance the customer experience “Although, it was thrilling to work in a more corporate America type role, with it’s hustle and bustle, we thought we could offer a tremendous service and a more customer service oriented experience.” said Perry. “It was a tremendous opportunity and I have a lot of respect for those who taught me the nuts and bolts of moving, but as our children got older, and I found myself missing out on sporting events, and school functions, we decided to take a chance, with our own company, and we could not be more happy that we did.”

“We hope that in addition to getting the word out about our business, this article is a venue to say ‘Thank you.’ to those customers who have chosen us as their moving company and the friends and family who have been so supportive since we opened.”

One of the aspects of the customer service their team provides is illustrated with their explanation: “From the moment we meet you, our Team of Professional Movers take the stress out of the move, working with our customers every step of the way.”

Together Perry and his wife Carmel saved up every penny they could and just over a year ago started Long Moving and Storage LLC with one truck and a few Customer Service Oriented Movers. From such humble beginnings and through hard work, and determination to provide each and every customer with honest, affordable and friendly service, the company now has a fleet of moving trucks and depending on the size of the move, up to 20+ movers. All this is combined into providing a superior moving experience. If you are moving and don’t know where to turn, look no more and call Long Moving and Storage.

Long Moving and Storage comes to every job with their Professional Team of Movers that understand customer service has been and is the key to their success. Fully Insured and Licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, they do it all: Full Service Packing, Local, Interstate & Intrastate Moving, Office Moving, Emergency Moving, On-Site Storage Containers & Off-Site Climate Controlled Storage Facilities. Whether it’s an elderly couple that needs a sofa moved from the first floor to the second or an entire estate of expensive valuables from one multi-million dollar home to another, they take great pride in treating all their clients and customers with the utmost respect and ensuring customer satisfaction.

If you or someone you know is preparing for an upcoming move, make the right choice and call Long Moving & Storage LLC. You can receive a quote online, or give them a call to discuss your moving and storage needs. So skip the stress, sore back, calling in favors, and mashed knuckles and let Long Moving and Storage LLC and their Professional Team of Movers handle the rest. If you have any doubt, check them out on facebook or Instagram, and you will see why so many are choosing to #movewithlong


Long Moving and Storage LLC
35 Bayberry Drive
Westport, MA 02790
Phone: (508).851.7862 or (508).642.2102
EMail: perrylong@hotmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/LongMovingandStorage/
Website: movewithlong.com/


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