Fall River’s “Forever Paws” in need of foster familes for kittens, puppies, reliquished animals

“We are reaching out today to spread the word that we are in desperate need for Foster Families. We are the holding facility for the Cities of New Bedford and Fall River, and we also take owner relinquished animals from all of Bristol county and more.

This year already we are inundated with cats and kittens in need of temporary foster homes, and we continue to get animals each week. This week alone we received a litter of 5, a single kitten about 4 weeks old and 2 kittens that are just days old. (This is as of Thursday 6/1).

Forever Paws Animal Shelter photo.

We are finding that people are really struggling financially as well as with housing issues, and think this has a lot to do with the increase in numbers right now.

We are in need of foster homes for:

• Pregnant Moms and their kittens once born- 2-4 month commitment.

• Nursing Moms and their kittens- this is about a 4-5 week commitment, and then if you opt to keep the kittens until they are big enough another month or so.

• Newborn orphan kittens- these kittens need to be bottle fed, then weaned, then housed until they are about 2 pounds. 3-6 week commitment

• Juvenile kittens- these guys are too young to be in shelter but not big enough to be adopted. This is usually about a month-long commitment.

Forever Paws Animal Shelter photo.

We can always use fosters for puppies, senior dogs and special needs animals. We provide all the supplies for care. We do ask that they come back into the shelter when it is time for vaccines or to see our veterinarian.

If you can help please email foster@foreverpaws.com, or fill out an application on foreverpaws.com, click programs, then foster, and email the completed for to foster@foreverpaws.com

If you are not in a situation to help foster, PLEASE share our post and consider donating to us to help with costs!
Arianna Silva.”


Forever Paws Animal Shelter

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Phone: (508) 677-9154
Email: fpas1@foreverpaws.com
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