Faith in humanity restored in New Bedford by simple, honest act by police officer

In a day and age of social media when people seem to value how thuggish, mean, and insulting behavior, all it takes is a simple act to stand out. One man was having breakfast with his daughter before hopping on to the Sea Streak Ferry to spend the day in Martha’s Vineyard. What could have turned into a really crappy way to start the day, was changed into something positive by a police officer.

“Here’s a feel-good story for you !!!! PLEASE READ !! AND PLEASE SHARE !!

I usually go to the Symposium Restaurant for breakfast once the Seastreak Fast Ferry has departed for Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Today was no different except that my daughter Catherine joined me.

After I sat down, a man walks in holding a bunch of cash that was blowing around the parking lot and next to my car. So I checked my pockets and realized they were empty. I then went outside and found my license, credit card, etc next to my car as it apparently fell out of my pocket unbeknownst to me.

It was my bank from my store in the Seastreak Fast Ferry……$ 217.00 to be exact.

I would like to PUBLICLY THANK FALL RIVER POLICE OFFICER DAVID ST. LAURENT who along with his daughter handed me my cash.

Thank you Officer for your HONESTY and INTEGRITY which nowadays, we can never have too much of. And yes, a Box of Mad Good Cookies is going out to him and his daughter on Monday as a thank you.

My faith in humanity has been restored!!”-Jon Piwowarczyk.


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